Paul Weston: we need Nuremberg trials for the most wicked act of treason in the history of mankind

Europe headed for civil war, UK Freedom Party head says

Paul Weston, chair, British Freedom Party

Paul Weston, chair, British Freedom Party

TORONTO – Europe is headed for widespread civil war, and the politicians responsible should be tried for treason, declared Paul Weston, chair, British Freedom Party.

Weston spoke to the Jewish Tribune following an appearance at the Zionist Centre last week.

He warned of a coming violent clash between those who embrace Western values and those who reject them. Islamic extremists are the biggest component of the latter group, he said.

“We are going to have a continental-size civil war that nobody can stop,” Weston said.

“When Yugoslavia broke up, the UN and America could stop it. If the whole continent of 500 million people kicks off, how is anybody going to stop it?

“When you have two such disparate cultures as post-Christian England, and a radically fanatical Islam that’s been imported, you’re going to end up with trouble…. I think it’s probably only two decades away.”

Although civil war is inevitable, Weston said, he will try to avert it in Britain. To this end, his party would stop immigration from third-world countries, deny welfare to immigrants, and insist that all children receive a solid British education in English.

He added that his party would also hold politicians responsible for policies of mass immigration, which have resulted in a diminishment of native European populations and cultures, and which he predicted will cause as many deaths as occurred in World War II.

“All of the European politicians who’ve actually brought this about should be tried…like at the Nuremburg trials…because what they’ve done is the most wicked act of treason in the history of mankind.

“What these people have done in our country today will murder millions and millions of people before the next few decades are out.”

The British Freedom Party was started in 2010 by three people who were expelled from the British National Party because they opposed race-based policies, said Weston, and he agreed to head the new party after they stepped down. The British Freedom Party promotes the idea that culture, and not race, is what matters most in a society, said Weston.

Weston’s speech was well-received by an audience of about 80 people. In his speech, he said his party wanted to “bring a complete halt to the Islamization of Britain.”

7 thoughts on “Paul Weston: we need Nuremberg trials for the most wicked act of treason in the history of mankind”

  1. I believe there will be some kind of conflict in Europe. I’m unsure as to whether they will be regional skirmishes or what. The writing is on the wall and has been for some time.

    And I do believe what he has said about putting politicians on trail for diminishing the native European population. And this should be taken up by other Western countries such as America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Our politicians have sold out on us by importing voters and giving them huge welfare benefits that we have to pay for with our taxes. The Labour party in Australia is the most notorious for that.

    I do not want to be a minority in my own country or have another ethnic group control this country. I’ve had enough exposure to ethnic groups to know that it won’t be nice. Individuals are great, regardless of ethnicity, it is groups that are the problem.

  2. The left social engineers who have consistently lied about what they have been doing need to be taken to court and charged to the full extent of the law.

  3. this guy has got the right ideas, britain embrace this party before its to late for you.

  4. Yes, there’s going to be Armaggedon and it will be in America. You can read about it in “George Washington’s Vision” — the Goddess of Liberty appeared to him at Valley Forge and showed him the future of America — the three great trials. The first was the Revolution, the second was the Civil War and the third lies just before us, which will be the worst. All the lands of the earth will combine against America, and the patriots will be losing — then the heavens open and an angel comes down with hundreds of thousands of white spirits who join with the patriots and fight with us, we regain heart and conquer the evil Com- munists and the devil is forever banned from the earth. This is worth reading, because as you know, Washington said; “I cannot tell a lie”.

  5. Sarastro

    I too feel that America is under far greater threat then Europe, Canada or Australia. This view used to provoke disbelief at LGF and JW, some 6 or 8 years ago.

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