"South America is Ready for Islam. They Hate the Jews and America Just Like Us"

Hazem Shuman is one of my favorite assholes, with a bullet. Note that he hates  Jews, not just Zionists, who are the obstacle to peace in our time. At least that’s   what more savvy Islamo-holes and their western tools keep telling us.

Another hit record from MEMRI

Egyptian Cleric Hazem Shuman Calls to Spread Islam to South America: “They Are Ready for Islam. They Hate the Jews and America Just Like Us”


Following are excerpts from a religious program featuring Egyptian cleric Hazem Shuman, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on February 24, 2012:

Hazem Shuman: We need men who will spread Islam in Africa and South America. There are 19 Spanish-speaking countries in South America, which nobody takes into consideration. They are ready for Islam. They hate the Jews and America just like us. They are ready. They are fertile for Islam.


9 thoughts on “"South America is Ready for Islam. They Hate the Jews and America Just Like Us"”

  1. why cant these inbred arseholes keep their lunatic hands off countries that have nothing to do with islam. I am so sick of listening to their holier than thou , supremacist rantings. they really need to get their arses kicked big time.By the way i boycott any business that has anything to do with muslims. The australian protectionist party website has a list of food manufacturers that support halal food manufacture and distribution. I suggest everyone have a look at this list of companys which include kraft and nestle and boycott their products.

  2. There exists conscription and military make work jobs in almost every South American country except Bolivia, I think they do not have the skills right now to try to take over since they are focused mainly on North America and Europe… they will get pummeled

  3. Their islamic vision of colonization is already full throttle in countries like Mexico, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Brazil. I am a Salvadoran by birth and I am ashamed to see the country opening its doors to this sickening cult, after all the pain it has gone through to move from a military dictatorship to a somewhat democratic state. There are over 10 mosques backed by the Iranian regime and the MB, with four of them in the heart of the capital and the rest spread out in the northern area of the country. From what I have read in their websites, their efforts concentrate in poverty stricken and peasant areas through “charity” work. Furthermore, their websites link to a network of mosques throughout South America and that is truly frightening. I always thought people will be able to recognize a threat when they see one, but with Islam am not so sure because Christian groups keep opening their doors, hearts, and minds to the islamist lie.
    Although, I am not a Christian (or religious by any measure) I surely hope that Christianity will awaken in time to say enough is enough and fight back; others like me will fight by your side against the enemies of freedom and peace.

    1. Thanks for that, Mercy.

      Its obvious that the Koranimals use the oil-money to spread Islam, not charity.

      Most people seem unawares that Islam has already spread to that degree in SA. Looking forward to hear from you more often!

  4. We are in a war Mercy7000, but we have not yet started to fight, We cannot stay quiet much longer.

  5. I hope that colombia doesnt become part of a islamic state although there is already islamic activity in my country. I think the problem is democracy in the way that colombia it self is letting and is behaving like other develop countrys like australia, america and euro where they are too afraid to stand up for their believes first, its all politically correctness where they think if they say something they will be seen as racist, this is how they will start and if they are not becarefull it will turn into another middle east where violents rules, stonnings, behadings, hangings executions to mantion afew, we can’t go back to the stone age where woman can’t walk the streets alone unless acompanion by a male family member…….,,,,,

  6. Diego,
    You and people like you have to make a stand. And, unfortunately, one will have to take a stand against these idiot muslims that carries a very likely risk of violence.

  7. @Diego,

    You must always remember that Islam is NOT a race. Do not allow Muslim apologists or Muslims to get away with this false argument. It only allows them to perpetuate victimization, and to deliberately silence debate; especially criticism.

    kaw is correct we have to make a stand. Never forget that they are cowards and will only ever fight as part of a mob/group or if they have the upper hand in some devious manner.

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