Tariq Rubs It

Disgraceful, western wakademia is in awe of this primitive Islamic agit-prop, this jihadist in a suit, who desperately tries to  position himself as some kind of new-age guru.

But Tariq Ramadan is no intellectual. He is no ‘philosopher’ and no scholar: he is no such thing, far from it. Brother Tariq is a primitive headbanger who’s only goal in life is to promote Islam, nothing else. And the ends justify the means.

He is  the grandson of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Here are two articles from the Gates of Vienna that confirm just that:

Tariq Ramadan Calls a Hudna on Hudud

The undated article below by Tariq Ramadan calls for a moratorium on stoning and other corporal punishments within Islam. The piece is not new; it has been a permanent post on Mr. Ramadan’s website since at least 2005.

Dreck, nothing but dreck:

Tariq Ramadan’s Take on Toulouse’s Terrorist

Well, I said the chattering class would be all over this. So here’s Mr. Ramadan, like white on rice, with his predictable formulations about root causes.

The problem of Mohamed Merah is neither religion nor politics. A French citizen frustrated by not finding his place, his dignity, and the sense of life in his own country, he will find two political causes for expressing his rancor: the Afghan and Palestinian peoples. He attacks certain symbols, the army, and kills Jews, Christians, and Muslims without distinction. He expresses the political thinking of a wayward young adult within whom dwell neither the values of Islam, nor the thoughts of racists or anti-Semites. Young, disoriented, he has fired at targets who had above all the power and meaning of their visibility. Neither more nor less. A poor boy, culpable and to be condemned, without the shadow of a doubt, quite as if he was himself the victim of a social order that had already condemned him and millions of others to marginality, to non-acknowledgment of his civic equality of right and opportunity [son statut de citoyen à égalité de droit et de chance]. Mohamed, characterized now by his name, was a French citizen by way of immigration before he became a terrorist of immigrant origin. His destiny was quite closely tied to the perception that one had of his origins. In the provocation of it, he had closed his own circle: he had freed himself of the image, previously deformed and degrading, by become the definitive “other.” For the French people of France, there is nothing less French than the Arab-Muslim Mohamed.

Below is the Google-translated rendering — not bad for a machine version. The words in brackets were added for clarity. My guess is about eighty percent accuracy on this. But maybe some of our French readers will provide a better translation:

…. “The problem of Mohamed Merah was neither religion nor politics. [A] French citizen frustrated not to find his place, his dignity, and sense of life in his country, he will find two political causes to express his anger: Afghan and Palestinian peoples.

[He] attacks the symbols, the army, and kill Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. [This] expresses a political thought of a young adult who is confused or inhabited by the values of Islam, not by racist or anti-Semitic thoughts.

Young, disoriented, he shot marks which were mainly the strength and direction of their visibility, neither more nor less. A poor boy, guilty and condemned, without doubt, though he was himself the victim of a social order that had already convicted him and millions of others to marginality, [to] non-recognition of his citizenship status or equal rights and opportunity.

Mohamed, whose name was so characterized, was a French citizen from an immigrant family before becoming a terrorist with an immigrant background. His fate was soon chained to the perception …[of] origins . In provocation, he has come full circle: he was lost in this picture, distorted [and] degrading, to become the “other” final[ly].

For the French of France, there is nothing French in the “Arab-Muslim Mohamed”.

So the French pay for their sins, eh, Tariq? And an adult is not responsible for his actions because his identity limits his choices? If I were a Muslim woman, then, I would be entitled…oh, wait, I forgot. Muslim women are only half-human, so I wouldn’t be entitled to anything. Not to mention that my status as an infidel entitles me only to a place in Hell.

What a wonderfully closed system. Full of grievances and rage, pushing people like this one over the edge instead of taking responsibility for your fellow Muslim’s behavior. This is not compassion; it is the cynical use of another person.

On Tariq’s page, there is a comment section. Here’s one of my favorite responses to his sophistries:

It seems to me that the doctrine of Islam contained in the Koran has widespread support violent behavior!

I think of the suras, for example, asking to kill Jews, Christians and Atheists.

The original French is below the fold, followed by some real information:

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