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Thanks to the Religion of Peace

Apologizing to Our Killers (Family Security Matters)

(Why) Did Hussein Obama side with religious extremists Islamic Headbangers over his nation’s military?

Well, who says its ‘his nation?’  Isn’t he on record saying he would ‘stand with the Muslims should the political wind change in an ugly direction?’

Civilians strapped to Syrian tanks and used as human shields… Just one of the many things that seem to upset other Muslims a whole lot less than a copy of the Quran being destroyed by accident. (TROP)

Muslim Students and the Jihad against the NYPD (Daniel Greenfield)

The organization that produced Anwar al-Awlaki takes umbrage at infidel efforts to defend against more attacks.

Infiltration Watch:

Former Taliban defender appointed to third highest position at the Justice Department …

West  has the dubious distinction of having defended American terrorist John Walker Lindh, the American Taliban member sentenced to 20 years in prison after being captured in Afghanistan fighting on the enemy’s side in 2001.    Read more: Dailycaller

“Being a great fundraiser and campaign worker doesn’t make Tony West (above) a plausible member of the Department of Justice’s hierarchy,” a political strategist tells the Law Enforcement Examiner.

Voluntary Dhimmitude:

Where is Bobby Brown when you need him?

Totally un-Islamic, right?

The Story of Obama and Israel (Daylight)

(Video) Obama may have done did  more to undermine Israel than any other American president.