Toulouse School Murders: Police in Standoff With Muslim 'Fanatic'

No, it wasn’t Neo Nazis:
Police have cleared three neo-Nazi suspects in the killing of three schoolchildren and a rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France. The suspects were former soldiers who were discharged from duty for neo-Nazi activity in 2008.

All three were interrogated by the police.

EUSSR Foreign Policy Swine Catherine Ashton compared the children who were murdered in Monday’s shooting attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France with children who are killed in Gaza.

Ashton is intolerable. She has to go:

 “Whoever says such things isn’t worthy of representing the European Union.”

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Now Ashton Backtracks in Vain Following Her Disgusting Assertion About the Toulouse Shootings– The Ashton disgrace

 French Muslim Was Jewish Day School Shooter 

(Pamela Geller: Islamic Jew Hatred)

‘Negotiations with the suspect are ongoing, gunfire has been exchanged,’ the minister said.  Read more: Daily Mail

Andrew Bolt is not sorry for “jumping to conclusions”

Neither  am I.

Sorry, sorry, sorry. Not.

I leapt to a conclusion about the man believed to have murdered Jewish schoolchildren and soldiers in France.

Well, actually, I didn’t quite. I once again passed on initial reports suggesting the most likely suspect.

Neo Nazis, they said.

In fact:

Shots rang out Wednesday as French police surrounded a self-declared member of the Al-Qaeda network holed up in a house after a series of shooting attacks that shocked the nation.

Police sources told AFP that officers investigating three recent attacks in which a gunman killed three soldiers, three Jewish schoolchildren and a rabbi sealed off an address in the Cote Pavee residential district of Toulouse…

“The suspect’s mother was brought to the scene. She was asked to make contact with her son, to reason with him, but she did not want to, saying she had little influence on him,” Interior Minister Claude Gueant said.

“This person has made trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan in the past … and says he belongs to Al-Qaeda and says he wanted to avenge Palestinian children and to attack the French army,” Gueant said, as the operation continued.

I guess I’ll be flayed again for leaping to conclusions.

Any minute now.

Here some pic’s of the murdered family:

The killer filmed his murders of the Jewish schoolchildren (above victim Miriam Monstango, 8 years old).

NY TIMES: TOULOUSE, France — Elite police officers raided a residence in Toulouse early Wednesday in pursuit of a 24-year-old man claiming ties to Al Qaeda and suspected in the killings this week of three young children and a rabbi at a nearby Jewish school, French officials said.

The man told police negotiators that those killings, as well as the shooting deaths of three French soldiers in recent days, were meant to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children and to protest French involvement in the Afghanistan war, according to investigators and Interior Minister Claude Guéant, who was at the site of the raid on Wednesday morning.

The low-lifes at The Times have to put this bloodthirsty barbarians “palestinian” propaganda in the second paragraph. Genocidal ghouls.

This Muslim soldier was no “lone gunman.” He is a soldier in the army of the global jihad.

His brother is already under arrest.

The suspect self-described as “mujahideen” with links to Forsane Alizza.


15 thoughts on “Toulouse School Murders: Police in Standoff With Muslim 'Fanatic'”

  1. ”Whoever says such things isn’t worthy of representing the European Union.”

    Wrong. Perfectly suited.

  2. Guillotine! Feet first and work upwards.

    Anyone who could cold-bloodedly kill an 8 year old child would do absolutely anything!
    This man must not be permitted to live.

  3. We shouldn’t jumped to conclusion, since in the past politicians and goverments have worked in the past for polictical advantage and instigate hatred between races and religion. It is oldest trick in book. Wait and see who benifits from such actions and then you know what kind of criminal organization has taken over our governments and control what kind of information we are exposed. This happened in the past, check operations Gladio in Europe in 70’s and early 80’s. Information only available in alternative media. Which begs us to be alert where we get our information from. Let’s not forget why we went into Iraq, totally false fed by Main Mass Media. If that were the only instance, then look again: Vietnam for instance and so on. And keep looking alternatively, since most media is controlled by major corporations who we don’t know what their affilations are.

    It beholds to form a balanced judgement based on independant research and not that we are manipulated to follow someone else’s agenda who we don’t conform to.

    1. No, lets not jump to conclusions. Lets close our eyes and look away, as if 1400 years of terror, slavery, terrorist mass-murders and genocide are not enough.

  4. ”Paris Grand Mosque Recter Dalil Boubakeur urged France not to stigmatise French Muslims, saying “99.9%” were law-abiding citizens.

    So I guess that means approx 1% [ approx 60,000 ?] of Frances growing Muslim 6 Million population are a combination crazy Muslim fanatics and or sympathizers … That’s scary and this figure comes from the Grand Mufti of Paris who cleary states above he can not guarantee 100%of his flock are law abiding French citizens like the Jews, Budhists , Hindus minorities .

    So what we have are members of the religion of Peace’s 1.1 Billion many who have taken up western citizenship who are taking their intolerance , Violence, hatred and barbarism out on their fellow citizens in France and else where .. Australia next , What Jews would dare walk around Lakemba ?

    It should be noted the reasons given by this peace loving man[ shall we call him one of the 1% ] for massacring the Jewish children are for the Palestinians no doubt they will be celebrating in the streets of Gaza and throwing sweets ala 9/11… It interesting this peace loving Alegerian is not concerned about his fellow Muslims being currently massacred in Syria , it’s all about the Jews.
    It should be noted the Palestinian leadership the peace loving Hamas according to their Charter are calling for an ” Islamic State of Palestine” this would be the 58 Th Islamic state, that’s all the world needs another Islamic state!!
    With mass Muslim migration in EU and Scandinavia escalating dramatically it’s time for the Jews to leave and make aliyah Israel .


  5. I left a comment, why was it removed? I said nothing violent or hatred. Just stated my opinion that this was a possible false flag operation. Is it unplausible if it happened before, and by the way proven, that it couldn’t happen again. Look at the conditions and the environment we are in. Patsies are blamed to incite hatred to a particular class of people, race or religion. Wake up folks.

  6. My apologies, it was not removed. But I stand by my comment. You are condenming a whole race or religion for the action of a possible murderer who might not have no relation to that culture a race. It is very easy to pick someone, torture him and get a confession and viola you have your proof this race or culture is the beast incarnate. If you go by this look at yourself in the mirror and turn yourself in. It is time to evolve beyond this topic and show the advancement of our civilization and begin sensible dialogue. Anyway, by what I see by comments, doesn’t look like we are going to get any. One compliment I can give is you allowed my comment to stand. At least that is commendable

  7. Awasthama, islam condemns EVERYONE who is not a muslim. It is in & throughout the unholy koran.

    Try to undertsand that, will ya?!

  8. Awasthama,
    The behaviour, as demonstrated by the musim criminal, is very common in muslim countries,. I suggest you study a topic defore commenting on it. Please don’t parrrot on why we went into Iraq, you personally have no bloody idea and neither does the MSM, or do you think that the MSM determines government policy. As for Vietnam, the US pulled out because of internal political pressure – they had driven the VC into the cities – and then, because of left wing trolls exerting political pressure on weak politicans they left – leaving millions to be massacred by the NVC and by the little crim in Laos . What is interesting is that you chose to chastise us against forming a negative opinion on the islamo-facist scum, but you have made no attempt to chastise them for their unwaranted agression and simple bad behavior – or are they somehow exempt from behaving like people.
    Seeral kids were murdered because an stupid muslim wanted to get some marks in the terror ranking lists. That he did this means that he was supported from within his community. Stop trying to defend these creeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. They should have known it was a Muslim to begin with…killed Jewish children face-to-face, killed soldiers he thought were Muslim traitors to the Ummah (by being French soldeirs). Voila! That can only equal one thing! Muslims have the same M.O. in other countries, killing those who are Muslim who work for the gov’t.

  10. if 99.9% of “French” muslims are law abiding citizens, why are there a hugely disproportunate amount of them currently languishing in prison?
    I thought islam ( falsely) claimed credit for inventing algebra

  11. Do not take him prisoner, do not let him surrender, do not let him turn himself in. If he is put in jail alive, he will become a “negotiation tool” and Muslims will be burning France to the ground while screaming for his release. It is irrelevant how big a percentage of Muslims are “law abiding citizens” or “moderates”. They do not speak out against Muslim atrocities and, thereby, support the terror.

    Good grief, I see the Muslim trolls have shown up even here. Take your taqiyya somewhere else, Muslim troll. Nobody here is stupid enough to fall for your lies and bullsh*t. People are beginning to see through your blood lust ideology’s duplicity and disingenuousness. The days of your medieval barbaric ideology are numbered.

  12. Jews treasure their children, educate them, nurture them, etc. Muslims strap bombs on theirs, use them as human shields to catch the bullets, they throw acid on them, they sodomize them, they lop their limbs and heads off, they hang the gay ones, they keep them ignorant, they force them to slaughter their pets. Killing their children is a way of life. Now, seriously, fill me in on how this newest Muslim atrocity is somehow “similar” to children dying elsewhere in the world. I’m sorry that children die anywhere for any unnecessary reason, but, except for truly isolated incidents, WE don’t slaughter our children or anybody else’s. But, Muslims do.

  13. Right away,blame Whitey Neo-Nazis. Oh ya,always blame Whitey first.Don’t wait for facts,just blame Whitey!
    I happen to be a White Christian,and guess what,I DO NOT BELIEVE IN KILLING JEWS. I love and respect them as people,who do not deserve to be “wiped off the face of the Earth” Like many Islamaniacs do.Muslims mostly hate Jews AND Christians;it’s in their defiled blood.But,guess what again? I don’t believe in killing Muslims either.Christians are commanded to love even their enemies.THAT’S one BIG difference in our religions.

  14. When confronted with such a cult as Islam which breeds terrorists faster than fleas breed on a dog, it is hard to know how to deal with such hatred and malice. They instil the horrors of the ‘Qu’eeran’ into their childrens’ minds from a very early age. These little ones are reared knowing only fear and hatred. They are not shown compassion, love and never have music in their lives. They are – sadly – bred only for murder and hate. Islam can never defeat the Jews – the Jews have shown their stoicism during worse times – and prevailed. Negativity(hate) can not survive without Positivity(Love) – so eventually Love will absorb the Hate – but it may take a while.

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