UK: nation of giggling shopkeepers descends further into dhimmitude

Qatada, the happiest man in England: Brother boasts of hate-preacher’s delight as he is given a more expensive home (funded by the taxpayer, of course)

  • New home has more bedrooms, a bigger garden and more fittings
  • Family of freed terror suspect are said to be ‘delighted’ at the move
  • 51-year-old had requested a move from previous home worth £400,000

“He wants the simple life. Right now he is the happiest man in England.’–Read more: DailyMail

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That sucks:




4 thoughts on “UK: nation of giggling shopkeepers descends further into dhimmitude”

  1. Just think, the native Brits are working their asses off everyday to buy those groceries for him.

  2. Britain sold out by Tony Blair and labour to buy votes and deliberately change the face of Britain.

    …and so his wife could make millions off the hard backs of British tax payers through her little hobby of suing the state through the he Human Rights Act of 1998, that her husband brought about. But, hey, Mama’s got pay for private school for the kiddies someone and just like a socialist politician manipulate the people into paying for it. Just ask Tony Benn about Stansgate Abbey farm.


  3. *someone, should read someway.


    Blairs have a history of being grasping (like most politicians) but his relationship with the Arabs imply a moral turpitude hidden behind altruism, just like his pal Clinton.

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