A separate justice system for Muslims?

But of course. Its called ‘sharia’.

But not for Glen Greenwald from POLITICO, who must have been living under a a rock for most of his life.

For Greenwald its not Muslims, its us – who arecreating a radically different — and more oppressive — set of rules, laws and punishments for a class of people in the United States based on their religious affiliation is a disgrace of historic proportion.”

For Greenwald, Sami al Arian is a victim of American injustice.

Salon’s Face Saving (Jihad Watch)

As predicted in this article, CAIR and its gullible allies forgot all about Shaima Alawadi after it turned out that her murder was related to her own family.

Why the Left abandoned Shaima Alawadi

Dwight Schultz, Georgette Gelbard and Tommi Trudeau recently joined The Glazov Gang to discuss Why The Left Abandoned Shaima Alawadi — a murdered Muslim woman whom the media and progressives professed immense concern for when they thought she was killed by an “Islamophobe.” Now that it turns out that she was killed by a member of her own family, the Left has abruptly lost all interest in Shaima Alawadi.

Perhaps Greenwald should take a trip to Nepal:

Muslims demand separate identity in new constitution, plan nationwide protests

Everywhere in the world it is the same: demands for “rights,” leading to an increasingly separate cultural and political identity, demands for accommodation of Sharia, and inevitably, increasing conflict.

“Muslims demand separate identity in new constitution,” from the Himalayan News Service, April 16

Greenwald really needs a dose of Muselmanic diversity:

Diversity: They Drive Us Out, We Invite Them In (Gatestone)

“Islamic countries have become more Islamic because of a deliberate policy that drives non-Muslims out; non-Islamic countries have become more Islamic because of a deliberate policy that invites Muslims in.”