Australia: Useful Idiots March For the Closure of Detention Centers Because Detainees "Threatened" Self Harm

Lisa Mosley/ABC

AUSTRALIA: Socialists protest against detention centers for Muslim invaders

An asylum seeker support group is calling on the Federal Government to immediately close a Darwin detention centre, as they say four people have attempted suicide there in the past three weeks.

The Darwin Asylum Seeker Support and Advocacy Network says a detainee inside the centre has told them two Iranian men attempted suicide at the Northern Immigration Detention Centre yesterday morning.

The Immigration Department says the two detainees “threatened” self harm.

These leftist bleeding hearts should be forced to take the phony asylum seekers and put them up in their own homes. Australia should send back the boatloads of human trash that keep washing up on their shores. The last thing Australian taxpayers need is more Muslim freeloaders and entitlement whores. (BNI)


Muslim asylum fraudsters rescued at sea, refuse to get off the boat in a Muslim country

The rescue boat that saved these Muslim invaders took them to the nearest country – Indonesia. But they won’t leave the boat and are on a hunger strike demanding to be taken to Australia, where they won’t have to work and the free handouts are forever.  (BNI)

Afghan Asylum Seekers Refuse to get off Boat Demand to be Taken to Australia (Indonesia)

It says the men were treated at Royal Darwin Hospital and have been returned to the centre.

A spokesman says extra support staff have been assigned to take care of the detainees’ mental health.

The network’s spokeswoman Fernanda Dahlstrom says the Iranian men are long-term detainees and should have their asylum claims processed while living in the community.

“Waiting with uncertainty about their future, not able to have anything to occupy themselves to make themselves useful, just basically sitting around with nothing to do, separated from their families, and not knowing whether they have a future in this country,” she said.

She says the number of self-harm incidents shows something is wrong at the detention centre and it should be closed.

“Certainly we receive a lot more reports of these sorts at the NIDC than the other two centres in Darwin,” she said.

“That is not to say it is not happening at those (other) centres.

“But the NIDC is the centre which is becoming increasingly notorious for self-harm incidents and suicide attempts and the proliferation of serious mental illness.”

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  1. yup – close them and send them back – do these jerks even think about the islanders whose homes have been destroyed by the “refugees”.

  2. “two detainees “threatened” self harm.” Just two? Surprisingly low.

    Have they thrown themselves down stairs ,yet? Anything to stay.

    They have no right to a future in Australia. Send them back to their home country.

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