Bin Laden's widows deported to Saudi Arabia

What? No Tea With Queenie?

One Osama Widow  was looking forward  to move in with the Queen.

Tow of his wives often fought and the older woman claimed Amal demanded sex from Bin Laden “24 hours a day”.

(Reuters) - Pakistan deported the family of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to Saudi Arabia on Friday, their lawyer and a diplomat said, nearly a year after U.S. special forces killed the world’s most wanted man in a northwestern Pakistani town.

The move ended months of speculation about the fate of the three widows and 11 children, who were detained by Pakistani security forces after the May 2 raid.

“The family was kept safe and sound in a guest house … They have been deported to the country of their choice, Saudi Arabia, today,” it said.

Apart from the three widows, the deportees included seven children and four grandchildren.

Now that’s a Tea-bag for ya!

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