Child Marriage, Inbreeding & Sharia Based Oppression of Women

Aussie girl forced into marriage: report

She was 12 years old, too young to drive a car, too young to vote, but according to her parents not too young to marry her cousin in Pakistan.  Read more Aussie girl forced into marriage

Five year-old girl becomes UK’s youngest victim of forced marriage …

She is one of 400 children in the UK to have been forced into marriage last year, the government’s Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) said.

Cameron takes first step toward criminalising forced marriages

The animated video entitled ‘Sara’s Story’ tells the tale of a young woman from Pakistan who is fresh out of a British university with a bright future ahead of her.

But when she returns to Pakistan she is coerced into an unhappy marriage with a man who is 15 years older than her while her parents just stand by.

Yemen’s Child Marriages

“Nothing to do with Islam”– OnIslam would have us believe that even Islam has nothing to do with Islam, despite the example of the profit Muhammad and his six-year old child-bride Aisha.

Acid Attacks on Women:

Former Pakistani dancing girl commits suicide 12 years after horrific acid attack which left her looking ‘not human’–Read more: Daily Mail

Honor Killings Gruesome Gallery (Atlas Shrugs)

“The West looks away as more and more girls fall victim to the Sharia in the West.”


Here is yet more evidence that the opponents of anti-Sharia laws in the U.S., who maintain that there is no incompatibility between Sharia and the U.S. Constitution, are lying. “Sex and Sharia: Muslim women punished for failed marriages,” by Charlotte Rachael Proudman in the Independent, April 2 (thanks to JW):

Today I received another telephone call from a young Muslim woman, Nasrin, who pleaded with me to help her obtain an Islamic divorce. After fleeing a forced marriage characterised by rape and physical violence, Nasrin applied for an Islamic divorce from a Sharia council; that was almost 10 years ago now. Despite countless emails, letters and telephone calls to the Sharia council as well as joint mediation and reconciliation meetings, the Sharia council refuse to provide Nasrin with an Islamic divorce. Why? Because of Nasrin’s sex. An Imam at the Sharia council told Nasrin that her gender prevents her from unilaterally divorcing her husband, instead the Imam told her to return to her husband, perform her wifely duties and maintain the abusive marriage that she was forced into.Having represented Muslim women pro bono at Sharia law bodies across the UK to obtain Islamic divorces, I am all too aware of the gender discriminatory experience many Muslim women suffer at some Sharia councils and Muslim Arbitration Tribunals (‘Sharia law bodies’). Unfortunately their experiences have not been highlighted by the media. Instead some Sharia law bodies have been misrepresented by the media as being transparent, voluntary and operating in accordance with human rights and equality legislation. This is not the case.

Many Sharia law bodies rule on a range of disputes from domestic violence to child residence all of which should be dealt with by UK courts of law. Having observed Sharia law bodies ruling on legal disputes it is all too apparent that they operate within a misogynist and patriarchal framework which is incompatible with UK legislation. For instance, the cost of an Islamic divorce is £400 for a woman compared to £200 for a man at the Islamic Sharia Council in East London; this is an example of blatant gender discrimination which is incompatible with the Equality Act 2010….


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  1. Of course the girl married her cousin. That is how they help other family members get into Western countries.

    I wonder if anyone has quantified how many family members are coming in on the back of family members who make it through?

    And of course there is the silence from women and children groups.

    The child should be taken away from the parents and the spouse denied entrance into the host country in both the UK and US.

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