"Devout Muslim" who works for the AFL as a "multicultural ambassador" demands prayer rooms for all venues

Don’t you get it, fools? The Islamization of our countries is a done deal!

We’re toast if we don’t revolt:

Richmond’s Bachar Houli said more Muslims would go to the footy after the AFL announced prayer rooms must be provided at all venues.

The requirement for Muslims to pray five times a day was stopping many from attending AFL games, the Tigers defender said.

Houli said many were forced to pray in carparks or stairwells at AFL grounds.

Houli, a devout Muslim who works for the AFL one day a week as a multicultural ambassador, asked league chief Andrew Demetriou to provide prayer rooms at all grounds.

Prayer rooms, for all denominations, have been recently introduced at Etihad Stadium, the MCG and Sydney’s ANZ Stadium.

But the AFL is now insisting on prayer rooms at the SCG and all other interstate venues.

Houli said not many fans knew of the existing prayer rooms and Mr Demetriou said prayer rooms were long overdue.

Houli prays five times a day, including for five minutes before and after games.

Read more: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/afl/more-news/afl-now-a-mecca-for-all-fans/story-e6frf9jf-1226332122338


‘It’s stupid’: Jeff Kennett slams AFL plan to install prayer rooms at all grounds

Daryl Timms/April 19, 2012/thanks to Mullah

EX-HAWTHORN president and former premier Jeff Kennett has lashed out at the AFL for ruling that all grounds must install prayer rooms.


“It was a request from Bachar in his role as a multicultural ambassador and, to be honest, I was genuinely surprised it wasn’t thought of before,” Mr Demetriou said.

“We will be speaking to all our venues about providing a prayer room, which is, of course, for any denomination. It’s again a demonstration of our inclusiveness.”

More on the “prayer room”, which is of course for any denomination, at Herald Sun

11 thoughts on “"Devout Muslim" who works for the AFL as a "multicultural ambassador" demands prayer rooms for all venues”

  1. Well said sheikyermami. Keep religion out of football. I go to the footy expecting a SECULAR experience, and I don’t go to the footy to see churches, synagogues, Hindu or Buddhist temples, Scientology reading-rooms, and ESPECIALLY not Mosques or Islamic “prayer-rooms”.

    I also don’t appreciate being LIED TO – pretending that “prayer rooms” are intended (or required) for *anyone* other than Muslims. Next they’ll have the muezzin’s call-to-prayer broadcast over the PA too (just to remind anyone who might want to pray that now would be a good time you understand).

    I get the Islamists’ idea though – footy crowds will *almost* be going to the Mosque now when they go to the footy – because Islam will be the only religion on show. Nice way to further inveigle Islam into our lives.

  2. LOL. When is the Australian public going to get vocal about this joke. We’re enabling our own to be demise. All I could do after reading this was laugh.

    We’re slowly being led off to the slaughter yards but all we hear is, ‘she’ll be right mate’. Sorry to say no it won’t.

    Start off small finish off BIG, don’t ya get it?

  3. I seem to recall Gutnick (Rabbi?) putting lots of cash into an AFL team, and also one of the Smorgons.

    ( I am not that au fait with AFL.)

    I also recall that some of the Grand Finals occurred on Jewish High Holidays. Not a peep out of the Jewish community, and consider some of them can’t even go to the Friday or Saturday matches.

    No special privileges for Sihks and Hindus either.

    Staggering hypocrisy on Demetriou’s part.

    Too bad Jeff Kennett isn’t in power in the state now.

    Amazing how some ‘minority groups’ are more noticeable than others and how they make such a point of it!

    I think all Aussies should become more vocal. If Islam takes over there won’t be any football, no beer, no pies with tomato sauce unless halal, no footy anthems either.No fun at all!

    1. And I thought Aussie Rules was a religion all by itself.

      From “Itjihad Stadium” to Islamic prayer rooms and foot-bath’s in less than a NY minute…..

      Tim Blair:

      They’re doing better than us smokers. We have to go outside. Incidentally, I’ve attended VFL/AFL games for 40 years; never seen anyone praying. Yet apparently such a need exists that now all venues will be equipped with a Mo-zone. This accommodation of religion at secular events is certain to infuriate the atheist left.

  4. Maybe we can persuade the FSM to make tobacco holy. Then they would have to provide special areas for us to go do our religious smoking. Of course, non FSM people would not be allowed in.

  5. The half time entertainment could be interesting.
    No more Beautiful cheerleaders strutting the stuff no Sir, no way not in Melbournistan, some good ole amputations, floggings and be headings.
    Of course the crowd will have to be segregated for now, eventually with a complete ban on all females over 9 years of age.

    The Players will have to wear mid calf shorts and long sleeves, It s only proper that they do.

    No alcohol,Music, national anthems, team songs or military displays.

    Game must be stopped during prayers and restarted only when given the all clear by an approved Islamic Sociopath.

    I hear you laugh, but we would have all laughed when told that Prayer rooms should be provided at the MCG for Muslims.
    Islam / Muslims can only exist as a DISRUPTIVE minority or as an OPPRESSIVE majority.

  6. “This accommodation of religion at secular events is certain to infuriate the atheist left.”

    The Atheist Left only seems to be outraged by Christians and Jews.

    The present Labor / Green Loon Government is importing into Australia as many of these Godless Muslim savages as it can and is letting them lose in the Australian community armed to the teeth and pockets full of welfare dollars for life.

  7. Islamic prayer rooms? OK, if you gotta wait in line to go to the toilet (at half-time, for instance), couldn’t they just double as another place to have a leak?

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