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Juan Williams tells Hannity to ignore Black Panthers,  to go after whites with guns

Still looking for the vid, the link is from a bunch of far left Williams supporters, claiming Hannity got “smacked down” by Williams. He didn’t!

Williams said there are more right-wing Nazi groups “hiding in the woods of Idaho, with automatic weapons, by tens and thousands  than there are New Black Panthers.”

Michelle Malkin on Hannity:

How to deal with our enemies:

I suppose that now that the Progressives have dismissed stay-at-home-moms, next on the list they will be dissing apple pie.

There are 50,000 Members of the Nation of Islam led by Farrakhan who despise and detest this Nation.

How about Budgeting a mere 4 – 5 Billion to give each and every one $100,000 to deport themselves to the Country of their choice and give up their American Citizenship. To collect the money, there must be an 80 % participation rate.

I would bet a dollar to a dime that Rosen had prior discussions with the Administration and got the go-a-head from Axelrod and Jarrett and Obama as part of the overall “War Plan Against Women” launched in January by George Stephanopoulos during the Republican debate.

It would not overly surprise me if Obama managed only 80 % of the Black Vote.

Progressive is a politically correct synonym for Marxist and/or a Marxist Sympathizer aka known as a Useful Idiot. In that sense, Allen West is 100 % correct.

Errol Phillips

Here’s my man:

“as long as its black on black… these negroes don’t do anything………..”

Treyvon Martin & black savages