Muslim Village Idiots enraged over burqa prank, resort to vandalism, threats….

Just in from Sergio:

Muselmaniacs believe freedom permits  attacks on unbelievers, freedom of speech and vandalism are justified. Sergio Redegalli just had his mural vandalized once again. This is the  68th time.

The burqa stunt yesterday has pushed all the right buttons.

 Sounds like a declaration of jihad:

Here is a short character portfolio of Sergio Redegalli; the man that has painted the “Say No To Burqa’s” mural (and others) on the outside of his glassworks studio. Here, he explains it’s meaning and why he did it.

Loud are the cries of “racism” and Islamophobia….

5 thoughts on “Muslim Village Idiots enraged over burqa prank, resort to vandalism, threats….”

  1. Islam wasn’t being mocked. The concept of a full face covering being allowed for one group but noone else was being challenged.

    Freedom of Speech is design to allow us to speak the truth without facing persecution from tyrants. Looks as if we know who the tyrants are.

  2. I find it intriguing that the letter left behind at the mural states, ‘this is a free country’. Yes indeed it is it a free country it’s also OUR right to object, our freedom to mock and if the idiots don’t like it stiff SH*TE! Talk about mental midgets that have no understanding.

    Good on you Sergio at least you have the balls to go where not many others do, bravo to you sir.

  3. Amazing how the hothead wanted to force other people to show more skin! Very unislamic!

    Fascists pretending to be underdogs

  4. Cigdem Aydemir strikes again. Here is her latest video:

    I think she is trying to have some kind of artists duel with Sergio.

  5. From Musselman to Musselmaniacs to Muzzelmaniacs shows to go that they who feel constantly stepped on their big toes and big genitals for that matter attempt to smother our Jude0-Christian right to free expresion.

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