"Nobody is illegal!"

Well, if nobody is illegal then crime is no longer crime. Close the prisons and the detention centers!  Throw your passport in the bin!  For the enlightened progressives, nations are no longer nations but mere real estate,  and it would be heartless to deny our unwanted cultural enrichers to move in with us and eat our food.

We’re not quite there yet, but the demand to debate it, absurd as it may be, is  becoming legitimate and here’s a first taste of what we have coming if we don’t nip this in the bud:

Ouch! Bill O’Reilly Absolutely Destroys Pro-Open Borders Activist Monica Novoa (GWP)

Bill O’Reilly absolutely destroyed young leftist activist Monica Novoa tonight on The Factor. Novoa could not explain her position on illegal immigration although she is leading a MoveOn campaign against using the word “illegal” to describe illegal aliens.
Bill let her have it.

By the way… Novoa told O’Reilly she was a legal immigrant but in a different interview she admitted her family crossed into California through a torn border fence.