Progress: "Disabled Wise Latina" and other racist crock

“Wise Latina Disabled”

She’s a commie and an Obama plant. That alone should be enough reason to permanently disable her from being on the Supreme Court.

White House Brags: Obama Put First ‘Disabled’ Justice on Supreme Court

White House Brags: Obama Put First ‘Disabled’ Justice on Supreme Court

(No, she did not undergo a lobotomy, you racist bigot!)

Its all racism! If you call Obama a bully you’re racist!

MSNBC Contributor: Racism Is Behind People Calling Obama‘s Court Comments ’Bullying’

“Those familiar with Dyson know this to be his common position on anything involving Obama: any criticism of the President is because he’s black. Period. End of story,” News Busters’ Noel Sheppard writes.

Only Two people were arrested in New York City Saturday night….

….after protesters, some with possible Occupy Wall Street connections, vandalized storefronts in what was described as “black bloc” tactics, the New York Times reported.  Gothamist reports that a long-time Occupy organizer was one of those arrested for attacking a NYPD officer with a metal pipe:

Violent ‘Black Bloc’ Tactics Hit NYC

If its true, so what?

CNN Correspondent Says ‘F–king N–ger’ On The Air (He can. He’s black)

For decades n–ger was totally unacceptable.

Now, weeks after the shooting of Trayvon Martin – as the media try to fabricate a race war to assist the reelection of Barack Obama – not only are CNN employees saying n–ger on the air, a CNN host is advocating the previously offensive term be used in all reports rather than the politically correct one.

With racial tensions being ginned up by irresponsible so-called journalists, the N-word suddenly “sanitizes” what n–ger “really means.”

As NewsBusters asked hours ago, can “the N-word now be used on CNN” if it dramatizes racism?

Lemon certainly thinks so.
Read more: NewsBusters

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