Questions for Necrophilia Expert Sheila Musaji

Necrophilia Legalised for Muslims

Well, the clueless Dan Murphy from the Christian Science Monitor couldn’t wish it away, and  serial liar Sheila Musaji at The American Muslim  tried to  explain it away, but questions remain:

Would be nice to get some answers, but I won’t be holding my breath…..

Update I:

Good news for women’s rights:

Update II:

Sheila Musaji  defends incitement against Pamela Geller by  a”well respected” shiite headbanger:

Imam Hassan Qazwini is a well known taqiyya doctor and Hezbollah operative  who calls Luis Farrakhan “our dear brother” and “a freedom fighter.” Here’s Hussein Obama, usurper in chief, who meets with him secrectly…..

More here, here and the Tundra Tabloids has some really juicy stuff…..

One thought on “Questions for Necrophilia Expert Sheila Musaji”

  1. Seriously, what elese could adherents of a death cult be interested in? They pontificate it loudly all the time “We love death!” ’nuff said.

    However, this might be a good thing. Surely, this sort of activity will eventually resurrect some sort of lethal virus that will solve the whole problem. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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