Sergio Redegalli Attacked by Muselmaniac

Winds of Jihad Exclusive!

Sergio just sent this in:

This is the image of the Muslim Feral that attacked me 10-4-2012 at 3pm.

The police have all the images and the event information, it may be better to wait till he is charged for

  • Road Rage
  • Assault
  • leaving the scene of an accident.

Then a full story can be made about him.

Sergio Redegalli, a sculptor and artist in Sydney, Australia, is the originator of the famous “Say No to Burqas” mural, which one would think that women’s rights activists in the West would love, but as it turns out, the Leftist alliance with Islamic supremacists has proved stronger than feminists’ concern for Muslim women. Leftist and Muslim vandals have defaced Sergio’s mural 70 times and counting.

 More from Sergio:

Holding a metal shovel in the air and moving towards someone in an act of intimidation and to terrorize Australian Citizens is not acceptable, throwing a glass bottle at my head again is not acceptable,  Spitting all over my car is just disgusting, (they must be part camel), then creating kayos on the road, endangering me and other people with his van ( he is a “P” plater as well).

Then running away with his tail between his legs once the Police were called.
The young Muslim is in a lot of trouble if he gets charged and convicted on all charges, it will piss off the wider Muslim community  that a Muslim  can be charged even tho he is defending Islam.



 Here’s Sergio with the Reverend Fred Nile and Robert Spencer……


21 thoughts on “Sergio Redegalli Attacked by Muselmaniac”

  1. “…The young Muslim is in a lot of trouble if he gets charged and convicted on all charges, it will piss off the wider Muslim community that a Muslim can be charged…”

    Being “pissed off” is their default position, and what this musulman did is probably mild, if typical.

    As to him getting charged? i am not that optimistic about it, with Sheik hilali’s sister in islamophilia and judeophobia, Lee Rhiannon, in a Senate that holds the balance of power.

  2. Oh, Sergio, I hope you are okay. you are doing a lot of courageous work to prevent Australia falling into this black hole that France (and the rest of Europe) is in now.

    Take care!

  3. Deport the cunt
    im an Australian i was born here
    he needs to be set packing back to where
    the yobo came from

  4. Sheik, please pass this onto Sergio, steering wheel locks are heavy, have reach and can be keep in the passenger footwell legally.

  5. I hope no one was badly injured and that this inbred, brainwashed violent, Muslim thug gets the justice he deserves, it wouldn’t be the justice that I myself would give to this animal.

  6. Y’all better put those free range koranimals in their place before they form herds & begin stampeding throughout the cites putting everyone at risk.

  7. “Then running away with his tail between his legs.”

    What a surprise..not! Cowardly behavior is how they roll, so of course he ran away.

  8. So typical of these swine.
    I was recently accosted and threatened in a “road rage ” incident myself by one of these “Harmony Day, Cultural Enrichers” and what I believe was his son.

    Fortunately for me there were far too many Australians looking at them as they attempted to assault me, I simply told the fat arse hole who was trying to punch me through my open window that if he touched me I would blah blah blah, I figure that whatever shit hole it was he and his brood ran away from, when someone said that to you they meant it, they backed off real quick and verbally abused me by calling me an “aussie” “you are just an aussie”
    I never thought I would live to see the day when the term ‘Aussie” is regarded as a derisive term.
    The insurgency is well and truly in advanced stages.

  9. Unfortunately I agree with Rita don’t hold ya breath for any charges been laid let alone a conviction resulting from same.

    These are the chosen ones the untouchables who run Sydney’s Occupied Territories, where the former Labor Premier Bob Car shut down a Police station after it was sprayed with machine gun fire by one of his Harmony Day ambassadors because the Police station provoked the attack, as in its very presence provoked the attack by the Koranimals.

  10. Hope you’re okay Sergio.

    It’s a good thing that you got such a clear picture that caught the perpetrators umm…mood (and number plates).

  11. Disgusting that the feminist are silent-Shameful.

    At least a man is speaking and objecting to sexism.

    @Aussie, he probably weighed you up and figured the odds were against him. An elderly couple in Sweden a few years ago, the scumbag realized the odds were in his favor and beat to death an elderly woman and severely beat her husband.

  12. How do we know this young gentleman is indeed a Muselman?

    Just because he spits like a camel, throws hard objects at people, acts like a raging violent lunatic and runs away from the police – does this mean he couldn’t possibly be a devout member of – say – the Dharmasutra Buddhist Order of the White Lotus – or perhaps a follower of Richard Dawkins?

  13. Apropos Dawkins:

    Greg Sheridan awards it to Pell in a TKO:

    THERE were times in Monday night’s great debate on the ABC’s Q&A between Catholic Cardinal George Pell and militant atheist Richard Dawkins when you felt the boxing authorities would step in and call a halt to the bout.

    Dawkins was so obviously boxing above his weight division, was so completely outclassed in all aspects of the encounter, that you felt the event promoters were being cruel to him.

    And I was similarly struck by Dawkins’ apparent bewilderment – and peevishness – that some in an audience could disagree with hm, leading him to admonish host Tony Jones for assembling a biased audience:

    When Dawkins explained that the universe had come from nothing, but that nothing was really very complex and, in fact, consisted of something, people laughed. Dawkins was annoyed and, like a humourless school marm, peevishly scolded the audience: “Why is that funny?”

    The new militant atheism is not used to being disagreed with and certainly it’s unusual for it to be challenged on the ABC.

  14. Thanks for the Sheridan link on Dawkins Sheik.

    @Hill, yeah maybe, I was not frightened more amused than anything else by the site of this Fat F**k prancing around outside my drivers side open window trying to summon up the courage to punch me through the window egged on by the manifestation of the union union of himself and no doubt his first cousin or younger sister.

    Another thing was the Australian audience that had assembled to watch his antics.

    Hint to all if you can do nothing no matter how old or young you are feeble or strong let these bastards know that SOMEONE is WATCHING there every attempt at subjugation and that no matter what they do someone saw it and is prepared to tell the world about it.

  15. Would a kind Australian please explain to any ignorant Europeans (i.e. ME), what exactly is a P-Plate?

    This was relevant in the ‘masked muslim women perjures herself about policeman’ last year also. L=Learner; GB=GettingBetter; P=?

  16. Georgina:
    “P” means Probationary.

    Hopefully this will be the first of many magistrates and judges to awaken from their “Dhimmi Slumber”.

  17. Now you know why the pieces of Dingo-scat running the Australian government were so anxious to take away the citizens’ guns.

    It’s well known that a really ghastly sucking chest wound will stop even the most rabid muslim in his/her/its tracks. One through the head prevents the impregnation of unwilling and innocent goats.

    The best delivery method is a .38 or .45 slug at really close range.

  18. Hill,
    The Swedish couple have not been forgotten and the relevant people are waiting for the muzz in question and its associates – I am sure they have something appropriate planned for the muzelputz t___.

    Amazing that you stupid muslims still continue to deny that you behave like trash!!

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