Stay and fight, you bastards!

Now they’re running:

 48% of Brits want to get out of the country

Britain Suffers most from surge of (Muslim) immigrants.

UK SUN  Muslim immigration invasion  has changed the face of Britain faster than any major country except Italy, experts said last night. Independent think tank Migration Observatory revealed the damning finding after comparing UK arrival rates with every other rich nation.  (BNI has more)

Not Circumcision: Mutilation in Sweden

Minister in ‘racist circumcision outrage’ »

“As part of the installation, which was reportedly meant to highlight the issue of female circumcision, the culture minister began cutting a large cake shaped like a black woman, symbolically starting at the clitoris.”

However it did get people talking about FGM!
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Obama’s anti-Israel czar to meet with Swedish anti-Semite mayor

Hans Ingvar Roth, professor at Lund University  spreads “Golden Age” Mythology

How come for example that Muslims, Christians, and Jews could live in harmony under the Mores in the middle aged Spain?

Simple, professor:  Christians and Jews lived as dhimmis.  And no, paying the jiziya did not protect them from the Muslims, neither will it protect the Swedish people.