Sydney Burqa Prank Provokes Criminal Aggression in Muslim Thugs

Update from Sergio:

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading the vid: here’s part II of yesterdays burqa attack from Channel 9. The soldiers of allah have not been charged with assault by the police, who stood nearby watching.

Muselmaniacs get rough when non-Muslim men wear a burka to make a point

8 thoughts on “Sydney Burqa Prank Provokes Criminal Aggression in Muslim Thugs”

  1. My gosh…that guy is heading for an early heart attack.

    I’m sure he’s as gentle as a lamb to be married to (as long as you do everything he commands).

  2. That guy was shouting at the burka wearer to take it off and also shouting at him (the burka wearer) not to tell him (the shouter) what to do!!!! That’s islamic supremicism for you.

  3. Its NOT needed in Australia.. only the weak brain dead muslim men who can’t stand up to an intelligent women requires her to wear this.
    Brain dead weak Muslim men.. weaker then a child.. less intelligent then most .. Be violent.. revolting .. useless.. Go back to where you came from and take your community that obeys this BS..

  4. Good for these men in the black garbage bags. I think it’s excellent research and documentation of the type of anger management issues the majority of Muslim men have. You can also see why there are so few Muslim comedians. Music, senses of humor, true respect for women, intellectual freedom, democracy, etc., is not even on the vast majority’s radar. They’re a blight upon humankind.

  5. kudos to u Sergio for starting this. I live in the US and am an artist and I think I will start a similar campaign that you have. Our brain dead politicians who don’t want to offend anyone is beginning to allow the terrorist run of our country, even giving them money. A whole lot of folks are livid about this as am I. thanks for your work and ideas. Grace and peace my friend

  6. @Carol,
    “They’re a blight upon humankind.” Truer words, have never been spoken. Pigs. The more recent they are from their shit hole of origin the more dangerous and predatory they are.

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