UK: Pali terrorist wins (yet another) UK deportation appeal

Britain’s Judiciary is seriously defunct.

British immigration tribunal rules in favour of Sheikh Raed Salah in appeal against government’s deportation order.

Al Jizz concerned about the “image of Britain”

Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, has won an appeal against his deportation from Britain, according to the group that invited him to the country.

Mark Ockelton, the vice-president of the UK’s Upper Immigration Tribunal, ruled that the government’s decision to deport Salah “appears to have been entirely unnecesary”, and upheld his deportation appeal, a statement from the Middle East Monitor (MEMO) said on Saturday.

An earlier judgment awarded Salah “damages for wrongful detention” when the Palestinian activist, a citizen of Israel, was arrested outside his London hotel on June 28 last year.

Salah had been in the country on a speaking tour, and stayed on to fight legal cases and appeals against his detention and deportation orders.

Theresa May, the British home secretary, had ordered the arrest and Salah’s deportation.

According to MEMO, Salah now plans on returning to Israel.

The Islamic Movement in Israel is often subjected to surveillance and harassment.

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  1. The UK had no problem deporting alot of Aussie bar workers I knew. So whats the hold up? I am still waiting for some Saffa Kiwi Aussie etc to protest these deportations by making an example of someone like Sheikh Salah. If its ok for arabs in israel to resist occupation and injustice then it surely must be for the colonial descendants of those being expelled from their native island.

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