UK Watch: No Islamic Terrorist Left Behind!

Fearful Muslima in France fears she might have to migrate to Londonistan

Of course all this Islamophobia is invented by the media,  its  a Plot Against Muslims!

“It’s frightening at the moment,” she said. “France is the worst place in Europe to be a Muslim, because the government is so against us. And if Nicolas Sarkozy is re-elected, it can only get worse.”

Cheradenine Zakalwe:

Freedom Sack-Wearing Muslim Woman (?)  in France Considers Emigrating to Britain to Escape Islamonausea

Note that she wraps herself in shrouds knowing full well it’s caused her losing her  job. No doubt the French taxpayer is now paying for her subsistence.

Once European governments start to get serious about dealing with the Mohammedan menace, we’re going to see a lot of this displacement-type immigration. Of course, the EU’s free-movement rules make it almost impossible to guard against. Whichever country behaves most pusillanimously towards the Muslims is going to end up with a lot more of them. Why do I get the feeling it’s likely to be Britain?

Theresa May humiliated by judge over attempted  failed deportation of Pali activist terrorist

I thought she was too dense to spell “humiliation”-

Raed Salah vs  the “American Mercenaries of  Satan”.

Raed Salah is the leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel. It is aligned with Hamas.

This makes Salah a perfect partner for the thugs and racists of IHH.

IHH is the Turkish Islamist charity that provides political support and millions of dollars worth of material assistance every year to Hamas.

In this hard core Islamist crowd, even Osama Bin Laden gets some credit. Raed Salah’s movement was not best pleased with his killing, calling him a “sheikh” and “martyr”, done in by  American mercenaries of  Satan”.

Raed Salah and the Khaybar Convoy (Harry’s Place)

The British Judiciary “Fair & Balanced”

Immigration judge Mark Ockelton on Bin Laden and Raed Salah  (HP)

Ockelton said a person’s parents should not count against them in deciding whether they were allowed into Britain or now, but said Omar’s view that his father was not a terrorist “might cause concern.”

Blood Libel? No Problem:

Judge at Passover: “nobody” saw Raed Salah blood libel sermon as harmful

Boy, there’s something in the water today, as Channel 4 calls Raed Salah a poet, when he is actually a hate preacher who has written  antisemitic poems.

Here he is laughing about how he upset a Jewish teacher by drawing a swastika:

But if the blood libel doesn’t matter, then this Jew-baiting doesn’t matter either. None of it does.

Irrelevant. Tardy. Nobody sees it as harmful.

Did you know that Hamas is a charity?

Must be true, because the Grunard says so.

3 thoughts on “UK Watch: No Islamic Terrorist Left Behind!”

  1. “Here he is laughing about how he upset a Jewish teacher by drawing a swastika”

    Nearly as funny as the cartoon of Muhammad with a bomb in his turban!

  2. The Brits should just follow the French and ignore the EU and boot out this rabble.

    They had no problem ensuring Gert Wilders and Michael Savage were prohibited from entering the UK.

  3. Would a cartoon of muhammad with a bomb on his head drawn by infidel school kids for their muslim teacher in our western schools be looked at by the quisling media with equal equanimity?
    I think not.

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