Australia: JooLiars gubmint of ineptocrats blows $10 million on "distorted, militant interpretation of Islam that espouses violence"

“Stereotypes and myths” remain while the  present parliament in Canberra represents a bipartisan new low in public ethics, behaviour and standards… The stench in Canberra is unbearable.

JooLiars gubmint of ineptocrats blew $ 10 million and all we get is “distorted, militant interpretation of Islam that espouses violence”
“Nakba”-Freaks Descend on Sydney-   with John Pilger 
You can watch the old Zionhasser here in this vid:

Pig Ignorant on “Nakba Day”

Andrew Bolt loses his free speech and an idiot judge gives  morons a free pass, sickening!  This is not Christmas, and these are our streets

Do Anzac Day and Christmas Day promote division, hatred and even violence?


Israel, USA- how many kids have you killed today?” the protesters chanted as they marched.

A scene from Australia’s new version of Anzac Day:

Check the sign urging that Israel Defence Forces be killed. Click for further Nakba Day cuddliness. (Tim Blair)

Contempt for others:

Police warned workers to avoid central streets between 5 and 7pm but as crowds gathered, drivers were faced with lengthy delays.

More hatred? Plenty more where that came from…..

MELBOURNE’S northern suburbs were regarded as a hot spot for potential home-grown terrorists, a Labor MP revealed yesterday.

Maria Vamvakinou, whose federal seat of Calwell includes suburbs with high populations of Muslims – such as Broadmeadows and Dallas – said the area had been under surveillance by national security agencies.

The federal Attorney-General’s Department has admitted several places have been identified as potential breeding grounds for terrorism, but will not name them for security reasons.

Ms Vamvakinou told a public hearing on multiculturalism that it was obvious to her constituents the area was under surveillance.

“My area, having such a high concentration of Australians of Muslim faith, was an area of interest to the federal police and to ASIO, especially immediately in the aftermath of September 11,” she said.
“Most people who live in Broadmeadows, they might be of Muslim background, but they pretty much live ordinary lives.”

Ms Vamvakinou, who chairs a parliamentary inquiry into multiculturalism, told a recent hearing that surveillance of her community had had negative effects on young people born in Australia.

Attorney-General’s Department security spokeswoman Jamie Lowe told the inquiry the main terrorist threat to Australia was from a few people who followed a “distorted, militant interpretation of Islam that espouses violence as the answer to perceived grievances”.

The department runs a $10 million program that gives grants to community groups to counter local extremism. But Ms Vamvakinou said giving community grants based on national security concerns was sending the wrong message, and the program should be run by other departments.

Australian Multicultural Foundation director Hass Dellal said the strategy gave communities a chance to develop positive programs.

Muslims had been able “to engage with the community and dispel some of those stereotypes and myths where the entire community was getting branded with terrorist labels and slogans”, Mr Dellal said.

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  1. Atheists chant at Muslim protesters – 2012 Atheist Convention

    “YUSUFALI: Those who reject our Signs, We shall soon cast into the Fire: as often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for fresh skins, that they may taste the penalty: for Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise. ”

    “YUSUFALI: …they (unbelievers) will have for drink (only) boiling water, and for punishment,
    one most grievous: for they persisted in rejecting Allah. ”

    “YUSUFALI: Like molten brass; it will boil in their insides. ”

    “YUSUFALI: Like the boiling of scalding water. ”

    “YUSUFALI: “Then pour over his head the Penalty of Boiling Water,”

    Islam, the Religon of Peaceâ„¢

  2. The Religion of Pieces strikes again with a lovely cuddly peaceful riot…er sorry I mean protest…

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