Australia: Racial vilification, blatant Jew-hatred and incitement to murder…

…are now apparently not only condoned, but even encouraged by Australian Courts.

 “ItbachalYahud” in Sydney

But not only in Australia: ‘Nakba Day’ is inflicted on unsuspecting infidels wherever the soldiers of allah have been allowed to settle behind enemy lines.

Here is a report from Brent Street in Hendon, an area of London where many British Jews and Israelis live.

Keffieh and Che: who shoots whom first?
A case for symbol chaser Charles Johnson: perhaps he can explain what this right wing supremacist is doing among the soldiers of allah?
…. protesters bearing Hezbollah flags …despite their “military wing” being listed as a terrorist organisation in Australia…the video takes a sinister turn around the 8 minute mark.

At this point, an off-camera female voice begins reading what is alleged to be a “letter from a Palestinian female prisoner”. A transcript (and the video) are provided here:

Andrew Bolt:

Why does the Left excuse this hate-speech?

The bombastic  soundtrack that covers much of the vile hatred in this vid is as annoying as the mobs idiotic slogans. Correct me if I’m wrong, but around 9:38 I’m hearing ‘itbac ya yahood’, the mohammedan battlecry to ‘kill the Jews’.

Once again, we see the ‘caring and compassionate’ crowd being nothing more than hateful loons supporting a death-cult that speaks a completely different language.

‘Down down USA, down down Israel’

‘Free Palestine’ means death to Jews, ‘justice’ means sharia and ‘apartheid’ means Jews must not be allowed to protect themselves against mohammedan suicide bombers. “Occupation” means of course no Jew should be allowed to live in “Palestine’. I don’t think I have to explain ‘allahu akbar’ and ‘takbir’….

These misguided fools support their own demise without even the most basic comprehension of a problem that goes way over their heads:

If we really must sue people for racial vilification, why don’t we ever see the most obvious examples punished?

At the recent “Nakba Day” protests in Sydney, protesters blocked traffic to hear rousing speeches like this one – the reading of a “letter from a Palestinian female prisoner” (from 8 minutes):

Dear brothers, we are your sisters. Do you not hear our cries? … We are your sisters, captured in cages like animals, with zookeepers—the Zionists. Our stomachs have been filled with children of zina [unlawful fornication] from daily rape. Our bodies are paraded naked in front of these animals while they drool over us. Our food is mixed with their faeces and our drink mixed with their urine.

Where are you, oh brothers? Where is your honour? Why have you not liberated us? Why have you not destroyed the walls of this hell we live in? … Wallahi death to us is sweeter than being handled by them…

By Allah my brothers, on the Day of Judgment, after we complain to God about the injustice we’ve suffered at the hands of the Zionists we will complain about our brothers who sat idle while their sisters were raped. Do not let any of us give birth to one more child of zina from the descendants of Zion. We would rather have our wombs torn out and fed to the dogs.

Just swapping “Zionists” for “Jews” in this vile and faked diatribe does not make this any less an example of the most flagrant anti-Semitism. And it demonstrates perfectly that the Left is the new home of the Jew-hater.

 The hysterical bitch who remains unnamed is of course projecting Arab madness on Jews, who are not known to engage in the unspeakable crimes these monsters are committing due to their ideology.