Australian Largesse: Why are Australian taxpayers paying for this Mohammedan welfare island?

Lets move to the Cocos Islands!

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An island paradise with an idyllic lifestyle comes at a massive cost to Australian taxpayers: with an unemployment rate that varies between 60 and 80 per cent.  Each one of these headbangers gets about $ 53.000.00 p.a. (Needless to mention that its never enough…)

Rorting in Paradise

An update from the GoV:

“Rort” is Australian slang for “scam, hoax, misrepresentation, deception, or other fraudulent scheme to gain (financial) advantage”.

More than five hundred Sunni Muslims live in the Cocos Islands, a tiny archipelago in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The Cocos are Australian territory, and their largely unemployed Muslim inhabitants have been rorting Canberra out of millions of dollars in jizya for decades. To make matters simpler, the local imam is also the welfare officer on the islands.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this news report from Australian TV:

Below are excerpts from the accompanying news article:

It’s a little-known Australian territory that’s closer to Sri Lanka than Canberra, where locals depend heavily on Centrelink payments to stay afloat.

The bulk of the population is on welfare, and many are claiming much more than they should.

The island’s population relies heavily on Canberra to maintain their isolated existence, and each year tens of millions of taxpayer dollars are channelled to the external Australian territory’s population in the form of welfare payments and grants.

Despite the idyllic setting in the Coco Islands however, there is trouble in paradise.

2,750 kilometres northwest of Perth, and halfway between Madagascar and Canberra, is Australia’s most isolated Centrelink office.

Home Island is the unemployment capital of the Indian Ocean. It is home to a unique group of Australian citizens living in paradise at the taxpayers’ expense.

From the office Haji Adam coordinates welfare payment for the 550 odd population living in the unspoilt paradise that is Australia’s Cocos Keeling Islands.

Adams is not only Centrelink’s agent but also Chief Imam, the religious leader of the Muslim community which for nearly three decades has battled unemployment.

Living in paradise comes at a cost. The jobless rate fluctuates from 60 to 80 per cent, and the cost of importing food and freight is high.

“At the moment I have a number of customers who really have expressed their concern about the rate of payment from Centrelink. It is not really enough because of the cost of living, so I think it is really difficult,” Adam said.

Next financial year, the Federal Government has allocated nearly $53,000 for every person on the islands. All up it is around $37 million to maintain health, education, communication and airline services, and that is on top of a dole bill that runs into the millions each year.

Shrouded ‘Fashion’ 

“Myth dispelling” and more blather:


There are white people!

Needless to mention that they are economically better off than the Malays, which irks SBS redistributor  Dick Whittington:

He’s shocked by the cultural gap and animosity that have opened up between what’s become the white West Island and Cocos Malay Home Island.

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  2. How about us Aussies start migrating there, demand pubs, stripclubs and brothels. If our demands are not met we can riot and start blowing things up.
    Do you think these Islamic leeches would see the irony in that??

  3. I think Captain Crook should lead the expeditionary corps of mainland Australians to take over the Cocos Islands from these Muselmanic leeches. Perhaps the Attorney General would consider relocating a couple of fairdinkum bikie clubs from the mainland to Cocos the problem will be fixed in a couple of weeks. Nothing the big red machine and a few friends of the fat mexican can’t fix. Otherwise Julia can donate the islands to the Sultan of Shwing – and the oily sheikhs can look after the finances of their brothers and sisters.

  4. Maybe a really strong hurricane or typhoon (whatever they call them there) with wipe it clean. No, never mind, a tsunami would work much better. Truly sickening story.

  5. Oh noes!

    The suffering bastards found a useful idiot who claims they have been mistreated and we owe them more.

    And, like Guam, the Islands are about to tip:

    There are also concerns that rising sea levels could ultimately make the islands uninhabitable, with the local council submitting a report to a federal parliamentary inquiry in 2010.

    Higher than predicted tides have already flooded low-lying areas and raised the saline level in the islands’ scarce fresh water resources.

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