"Australians lack education about Islam"

Daniel Pizzaro, Iran Press TV:

Muslims Reject Stereotyping

I don’t give a shiite what Muslims reject. Neither should you.

Australia portrays itself as giving everyone who enters the country a fair go, but since the September 11 Terrorists attacks in 2001, many Australian Muslims have complained of increased stigmatization.
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“Mosaic of diversity” alert:

One of the biggest stereotypes of Australian Muslims is the general belief that all belong to one single religious group.

Dr Arvanitakis highlights that the media tend to thrive on controversial statements made by Islamic Leaders which aren’t representative of all Muslims, thus fanning the flames of Islamopobia. Arvanitakis is passionate about being involved in the global Autonomous University movement, “people that believe that unis should be about promoting the public good, not about promoting profits.” 

Got that? Your allowed to pay  for it, but don’t ask about the cost.

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But Mr Ozlap says the various Islamic ethnic groups are coming closer together and various community events are creating greater openness in society.

Mehment Ozlap says the need for greater education and interfaith dialogue is necessary to break down the racial and cultural barriers between Australian Muslims and Non-Muslims.

(Reeducation camps for da’awa,  anyone?)

He says such education is vital to combat the stereotyping currently affecting the Islamic community.

(All muslims, like all dogs, share certain characteristics….)

In Australia the role of Islam has often descended into debate and arguments over its role in the country.

Its not for infidel sons of apes and swine to debate or get into arguments about Islam. Fawning multiculturalists and gushers are welcome, critics must be eliminated.

Islamic experts say part of the blame goes to media coverage, but also to a lack education about Islam.

If only we would get rid of the Zionist controlled media and replace it with Islamo-prop and get some serious reeducation in the neighbourhood madrassa we would all learn to love Islam and sing kumbaya all day…..

Mehmed Ozlap’s history to replace ours:

The guy is rather dense and all over the place.  Would be good if he knew his stuff, but  we are used to holding our noses when it comes to Muslim spokesmen. Islam stifles mental growth and allah needs soldiers, not intellectuals.

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  1. Interesting satirical analysis you’ve written here. The only annoying thing is that my surname was slightly misspelled. It’s “Daniel Pizarro”, not “Daniel Pizzaro”.

    It’s not a big deal as many people have made the mistake before.

    Glad you saw my report though.

  2. Muslim women tell Australian women that we we ‘all be wearing the burqa in ten years’. I was attacked (from behind of course) by a big Muslima and racially villified for being a blond Australian just before 9/11. They swagger around the streets in their nightshirts and moan they can’t get a job and endlessly demand the jizya (welfare) while pumping out mini jihadi after mini jihadi (‘our womens’ wombs are our weapons’) So they are not here in Australia to take over? You must take us for fools Danny. Islam- the ‘religion’ of thieves, liars, murderers, low IQ in breeds and violent oppressors. Now send around your slaughter squad Danny Piz- I’ve offended you and Mo- but not as much as you and your lot of murderous moochers offend me.

  3. @jENNIFER

    “I was attacked (from behind of course)” Of course. Not surprised it was a cowardly act, that how Muslims roll. Hope you fought back and you were not seriously harmed?

    @Daniel Pizarro-You lost my interest at the word Iran.

  4. Daniel, why dont you write about the treatment of non-muslims in iran or pakiland, rather than protect the scum that are trying to destroy our country … oh I see … the risk of loosing your paycheck or being jailed by those “lovely” muslims is too high!!! So, you are a coward as well???

  5. Ahhh the wonders of people on the internet.

    @Kaw. I only do Australian-based stories at the moment

    @ Hill. I never mentioned Iran

    @jENNIFER Charming trolling

  6. The problem for Muslims and their apologists Mr Pizarro is that Australians are well aware of the Islamic insurgency into the west and its unholy alliance with the left and the Greens.
    Islam is their perfect Mad Dog let loose with full immunity whenever they wish to “rock the boat before they sink it” as Comrade Garrett said.

  7. Well Daniel,
    I am very curious if your employer actually allows you to speak your mind. Having seen what emanates from Press Media in Europe I can only suspect that the Press editor is rather busy. In any case, so that you have have no misunderstanding, the behaviour of islamists world wide is toally abhorrent, and I can safely say that because I have seen them in many locations. You are working for what is essentially an iranian government initiative – and that basically calls both your morality and intelligence into question.

  8. @ Daniel,

    If you are going to be the 21st century Walter Duranty, as a stooge for the Iranian regime, own it!

    Hiding behind apologist condescension? How pedestrian.

    History will judge ‘you’ through your association with a vile regime, just like Duranty.

    kaw is right. “You are working for what is essentially an iranian government initiative – and that basically calls both your morality and intelligence into question.”

  9. @ Aussie. Charming website you’ve got there.

    I’m not an apologist, but I reject sweeping statements against 1 particular group of people, same goes for Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc

    @ Kew If I’m not representing Press TV (as I’m doing now because this is my own personal opinion), I’m sure it’s fine.

    Every organisation from Press TV to the BBC will have particular slants when it comes to particular events, this can be done on religious, cultural, historical or political grounds.

    While Press TV is Iranian based, I still have to abide by the Australian media laws (as well as afforded the same protections by Australian Law and Union rules).

    There are extreme factions in every religion, but that doesn’t mean we should immediately label everyone from a particular religion extremists, nor does that mean that everyone in the Arab world who are Islamist are “abhorrent” (like the Taliban).

    @ Hill The comparison to Walter Duranty is frankly one of the ridiculous things I’ve ever read.

    Call me a bit of an idealist, but I just have the crazy notion that most Australian Muslims would pretty much like to be treated with respect, tolerance and dignity.

    I would expect the exact same from them to me.

    I also know perfectly well about the stigma surrounding Iran and the Iranian Government, but not all of my stories revolve around Islam and the Middle East and I try and walk the fine line of neutrality and objectivity.

    1. Dear Daniel,

      you’re not an apologist, and then apologising begins:

      “I reject sweeping statements against 1 particular group of people, same goes for Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc”

      Iran Press TV is the propaganda machine for the psychotic mullah’s in Iran, the most fanatical regime on earth that threatens to wipe Israel from the face of the earth and wants the U.S. destroyed. You don’t work for such a regime without a certain mindset.

      “There are extreme factions in every religion”-

      That’s the most tired old slogan used by muslim propagandists and their enablers in the west.

      Where are the Tibetan Buddhist suicide bombers? They have the suicide part down, because they are now practicing a campaign of self-immolation—which, being the incendiary equivalent of a hunger strike, is about as far from suicide bombing as can be conceived. And where is that long list of Palestinian Christian suicide bombers you’ve been keeping in your desk? Now would be a good time to produce it. As you know, Palestinian Christians suffer the same “Israeli occupation”. How many have blown themselves up on a bus in Tel Aviv? One? Two? Where, for that matter, are the Pakistani, Iraqi, or Egyptian suicide bombers killing for the glory of Christ? These Christian communities are regularly attacked by suicidal jihadists—why don’t they respond with the same sort of violence? This is practically a science experiment: We’ve got the same people, speaking the same language, living in the same places, eating the same food—and one group forms a death cult of aspiring martyrs and the other does not.

      It isn’t impossible to conceive of Tibetan Buddhists practicing suicide bombing or of Middle Eastern Christians practicing terrorism at the same rate as their Muslim neighbors, but Islam offers a doctrine of jihad and martyrdom that makes such behavior perfectly understandable. And, again, it is the reason that jihadists themselves give for their actions.

      “Call me a bit of an idealist, but I just have the crazy notion that most Australian Muslims would pretty much like to be treated with respect, tolerance and dignity.”

      I don’t doubt that you’re an idealist, Daniel. So was Walther Duranty.

      Australians treat the Muslims with much more (mostly undeserved) respect, tolerance and dignity, which is -as you know- based on the ‘fair go’ traditions and our law, ‘man-made law’ which muslims have an obligation to replace with sharia.

      Under the sharia non-muslims are not treated with respect, tolerance and dignity.

      Just a simple yes or no question for you: did you convert to Islam?

  10. I have the crazy notion that most muslims, regardless of where they are in the ummah or Dar al Harb, believe that allah knows best …

    [9.29] Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.

    [9.30] And the Jews say: Uzair is the son of Allah; and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; may Allah destroy them; how they are turned away!

    * “Allah” will get its chance to attempt to destroy the Jews and Christians, using muslims to do its wet work, but it is in vain, and “Allah” will be defeated and consigned to the Lake of Fire.

    See Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38 / 39 and others for an idea of what awaits the followers of the strange and evil “Allah”.

    Not something that Press TV devotes much time to, and the ABC doesn’t bang on about it on the Drum, but judgement is coming, and islam will be destroyed.

  11. Hey guys, just got back from a filming a Julian Assange rally.

    @ sheikyermami Wow, the owner of the site, nice to see you drop by.

    No I’m not a member of Islam, I was baptized a Roman Catholic, though I’m not deeply religious and I’m quite secular.

  12. * Australian Activists Continue Solidarity With Palestine Campaign
    * May 22nd, 2012
    * Daniel Pizarro

    Nakba Day, Daniel?

    Are you familiar with God’s will and purpose for Israel; the ingathering and ultimate redemption, the Genesis blessings and cursings for those who bless / curse Israel, the nations that will be gathered against Israel, in judgement, and the culmination at the place called Megiddo?

    Those who seek to erase Israel and its memory (think Ahmadinejad, among many others) are playing with destiny, and will themselves be destroyed.

    “When the LORD shall build up Zion, he shall appear in his glory” (Psalm 102:16)

  13. @Daniel,

    I am flattered that in an effort to belittle me, that you would bestow upon me the honor of, “the most ridiculous thing I ever read.” Doubtful, but thanks for the chuckle.

    I stand by my statement, Daniel. History “will” judge you for your association with the Iranian regime. You have chosen the path of ideological aspirations, like Duranty rather then the apolitical path of the honorable Welsh journalist Gareth Jones (1905-1935). RIP.

    History will judge you, just like they judged your professional predecessors: Harold Denny (Stalin/Moscow) Anthony Lewis (Pol Pot/Cambodia) Herbert Matthews (Castro/Cuba) and I would argue provocatively, Walter Cronkite (Vietnam/American sell out)

    Men who used their positions of trust and power to stand on the bodies of the dead, for their own ideological beliefs and career advancement.

    You cannot claim that you are ignorant of the actions of the Iranian regime, that you nullified to a mere stigma. Is that what they are calling governments that murder and terrorize the populace these days? Stigma?

    Like the aforementioned journalist, through your association with the Iranian regime, consciously or not, you are standing on the bodies of Neda Agha-Soltan, Abbas (Shahram) Farajzadeh Tarani and many other murdered by the regime in recent years.

    In your previous post you mentioned that you like to be treated with respect, tolerance and dignity. But, clearly you do not hold the same standards to your employer. Moral selectivism? Whats a little murder by your employers here and there, eh? As long as you’re removed from it, all the whilst you can cling to the belief that you are blazing the path of righteousness with your little articles in Australasia. So, your employers have a wee bit of ‘stigma’ attached to it?
    My, but aren’t your credentials just cool. What a rebel.

  14. Sheik, My post disappeared?

    If you can’t find it, I will repost it later. Thanks.

    Fight on.

  15. Re “Aussie. Charming website you’ve got there.”
    Well thank you, however it is all over the place at the moment since Blogger changed their template settings.

    Be honest now, I agree it is charming, but it is very disorganized at the moment, however I thank you for the kind words.

  16. No doubt the Islamists will feature their act of Islamic Terrorism on Australian soil as the high point of their vile ideologies contribution to Australia and Australians on Jan.1 1915.

    The First Islamic Terrorist Attack on Australian Soil

    On January 1, 1915 two Broken Hill men, both former camel drivers, armed themselves with rifles, an homemade flag bearing Islamic insignia and a large supply of ammunition and launched a surprise attack on the Picnic Train about 3 kilometres outside Broken Hill.

    The train carried about 1200 Broken Hill residents to Silverton where a picnic to celebrate the new year was to take place.

    The two Muslim men, Gool Mohamed originally a Pashtun tribesman from Afghanistan and Mullah Abdullah from what is known today as Pakistan, decided to wage jihad against Australian infidels after Australia and the Ottoman Empire officially joined the opposite sides in the WWI.
    Full story here

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