Australia's Culture of Corruption

Good Story Needed

Estimates hearings have been told asylum seekers fraudsters are asked “their identity, their story” and their reason to travel to Australia.

ASYLUM seekers released on bridging visas are getting a “lighter touch” ASIO security clearance before being freed into the community, it has been revealed.

Climate-change deniers are like terrorists, pedophiles and slave owners

 James Delingpole discovers,  after a month’s tour of Australia, the greenie-lefty bias of our state run ABC is  worse than anywhere else….

Who needs industry when you got socialism already?

Smelter jobs to go, carbon tax blamed

No doubt Labor knows better than the employer how good its tax is for its business:

MORE than 300 jobs are set to be lost as a Norwegian company plans to shut its aluminium smelter in the NSW Hunter Valley. (Bolt)

Melbourne had class?

Chapel Street traders say their beloved strip has fallen into a terminal decline and now only offers a ‘’third-rate’’ shopping experience. Is Melbourne losing its class?

Canberra weird no more?

Canberra could be an ideal social laboratory for the rest of Australia and the world, an ANU academic believes.  (Delusional)


Indonesia in April proposes a deal:

But justice minister Amir Syamsuddin said any decision on Corby should be reciprocated by Australia, which he said had “hundreds” of Indonesians in jail, mostly for people smuggling.

“So if it’s clear that we are paying attention to the plight of Corby, in reciprocity we hope there will be the same kind of attention from there (Australia),” he said. (Has Labor made another people-swap?)

Union Slackers

NSW Labor figures have a knack of finding money  (Andrew Bolt)

A FRIEND and financial adviser to Eddie Obeid and his family, who had no mining background and a $1 company, won a coal exploration licence worth millions of dollars in a controversial tender run by the disgraced former resources minister Ian Macdonald.

Quite separately, Obeid has had bad luck with fires – two of his premises and two houses have gone up in flames.  

Open doors as another 175 arrive

Bigger boats and more of them, as the Gillard Government drops even the pretense of deterrence:

THE biggest boatload of asylum seekers this year has turned up in Australian waters… The 40th boat to arrive this year the 10th this month carried 175 people, including children, when it was picked up off Christmas Island yesterday…

Almost 3200 asylum seekers have arrived in 2012.