'Bow-Tying White Boy' Meets Black Racism

 ‘Bow-Tying White Boy’

Black Affirmative Action Cookie  Jehmu Green Calls Tucker Carlson a ‘Bow-Tying White Boy’

If the election of  Hussein Obama wasn’t enough to convince you that Affirmative Action has gone way too far, maybe this will do the trick. The daughter of African immigrants, Jehmu Greene has appeared on various Fox News programs, but her wit has never been sharper than when she countered Tucker Carlson’s arguments against theracial preferences faux Indian Elizabeth Warren apparently exploited by denouncing him and all other “bow-tying white boys”:

In fairness to the mentally retarded moonbat Jehmoo, you can hardly expect her not to become enraged that someone would challenge nonwhite ethnicity as the ultimate job qualification. It’s the only qualification she has.  (Moonbattery)

16-Year-Old Arrested in Mob Attack on Two White Reporters — Charged with ‘Throwing a Missile’

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Allen West:

The failed economic policies of President Obama are destroying the black community and lessening the chances for economic freedom while promoting economic dependence...

I Don’t See the Difference’:

But you don’t have to be black to be racist:

Claiming to be something other than white bread in a world of affirmative action scams ensures that we will have many  more of these creatures in positions where they should never be simply because of faux racial grievance theater.

Separated at Birth?

Marxist Taxachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and her fellow faux IndianWard “Little Eichmanns” Churchill are not just twins — they are monozygotic twins: