Brookfield, a 'Magnet for Muslims', Islamic Awareness Month, Respeck & Appreciation….

Another Day, Another Mosque:

“Tolerance & Peace Campaign in Kansas City”

“I just want to apologize to you if you saw something here the other day that was offensive to Islam…”

“It was a stupid mistake….  I care deeply about my Saudi students….I rearranged my class schedule so that the men could attend mosque and not have to miss class. . . . I have always tried to be sensible and respectful, so I feel terrible that I made such a stupid and thoughtless mistake. . . I would never intentionally do something to be offensive.”  More  abject dhimmitude in Arkansas….


Black Panther Leader Shabbaz:

Accommodating Islam:

“Stuff in the media…”
“Stuff they see in the media kind of tells them maybe that something is wrong with them, or that because they’re Muslim they’re somehow singled out,” Mahmood says.

“Respeck and appreciation for all religions — particularly Islam!”

Shrillay “deeply hurt that America is anti-Muslim”– Clinton did speak about terrorism as well, telling the audience that she does not, in any way, believe that radical actions on behalf of terrorists are reflective of the Islamic faith. She lamented that some individuals “pervert religion…”— she stopped short of telling the audience that she and Willie are sexual perverts and that she had a lesbian relationship with Huma Abedin from the Muslim Brotherhood….