"Elements of Denmark's Muslim community have radicalized…."

Sheeeeeesh! Don’t mention it. Its only a tiny minority of excremists:

(thanks to  Vlad)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – On Mohammed’s birthday, Denmark’s Muslims marched to the city square under a banner that said “Islam is peace and love.”— (they didn’t say where…)

But elements of Denmark’s Muslim community have radicalized.

Two years ago on the same spot as a peaceful demonstration, Muslims met a pro-Israel demonstration with Hitler salutes. There were shouts in Arabic of “takbir,” which means “conquest,” and “kill the Jews.”


The fact that Hollande has chosen so many Arabs in his new government suggests that he has acknowledged the importance the community had in his victory.  (More good tidings at Gulf News) (the cheque is in the mail)

Sowdi ‘prince’ can’t  trust Muslim Doctors –-(neither  should we)

Saudi Crown Prince prefers to have medical tests in the Kuffar lands

Hurt feelings in Kashmir: Sham Lal Sharma was alleged to have told Dr. Ashraf Bhat that he looked ‘more like a criminal than a doctor’ on seeing his “Islamic outfit,” an accusation the minister has denied as a “conspiracy on the basis of religion.”—Kashmir Observer

Saudis immune to school-fees?

“Just an administrative mixup”

THE Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is claiming immunity under the Foreign States Immunities Act to avoid a Supreme Court showdown with an Islamic school over more than $2 million in unpaid fees. More immunity at The Canberra Times The Saudi ambassador to Australia, Hassan Talat Nazer, has said the matter is an administrative mix-up by the college.-–Read more>>


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  1. Being “radicalized” means they have decided to put the teachings of Islam into action.

  2. sue turton ends by “wrapping it up” succinctly thus…..
    if they have to go, or are sent back, the muslims will kill them !!!!and that would be the the fault of………the racist jooooos!!!!

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