Go Ahead, Lefties: Adopt a Taliban!

THE federal government will pay families up to $300 a week to temporarily house asylum  Muslim welfare seekers in their homes to help deal with the increasing flood of arrivals.

Step forward, lefties, and give these kids a home.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has welcomed an initiative to temporarily place boat arrivals with Australian families, saying she’s hosted asylum seekers herself …

  • The Immigration Department said there was no way to guarantee that participants had clean criminal histories.

Tim Blair thinks its “the best idea ever”

THE Navy has picked up yet another boatload of asylum seekers trying to come to Australia – the fourth since Sunday night.
THE third boatload of asylum seekers this week brings to more than 1500 the number  who have been intercepted since the start of 2012.
FOLLOWING the relaxing of asylum policies after Labor’s election win in 2007, a rise in numbers of  vessels was explained away.

3 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Lefties: Adopt a Taliban!”

  1. I CANNOT understand why they just don’t blow them out of the water before they even get close to the shores.

  2. as they learned from france, politians can win elections they would otherwise loose, with boat-peoples votes.

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