In Australia, we are good at deceiving ourselves…..

JooLiar (sounds as if she)  owns the minerals:

“You don’t own the minerals. Governments only sell you the right to mine the resource, a resource we hold in trust for a sovereign people,’’

Professor Sinclair Davidson says Gillard actually mistakes and mistates the law.

Example? Here’s the Western Australian Mining Act:

Subject to this Act and to any conditions to which the mining lease is subject, the lessee of a mining lease … owns all minerals lawfully mined from the land under the mining lease.   The politics of division (Bolt)

The enemy that can’t be named:

So we go after fantasy constructs, like ‘Islamists’, al Qaeda, ‘extremists’ and end up like dogs chasing their own tails. There is one word to describe what we are up against, and its  spelled  I-S-L-A-M. And unless that is understood, we are going backwards. Islam will dominate and drive us into extinction.

Australia has relisted four groups as terrorist organisations, with three considered a potential threat to diggers in Afghanistan.

Parliament’s Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, in a report tabled on Monday, said Ansar al-Islam (AaI), the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) should continue to be listed as terrorist organisations.

An exercise in futility.

Never buy a used bike after the Sydney Mardi Gras!

More obfuscation, taqiyya & distortion:

De-terrorising the jihad concept


AS noted by a number of observant intellectuals and analysts, negative words such as “terrorism”, “extremism”, “radicalism” and “fanaticism” have often been used against groups or individuals having or expounding different – especially fundamentally opposing – worldviews and positions.More from a member nation of the Global Movement of Moderates at The Star Online

Muslims in Australia believe they are already living under sharia, but then they want it both ways:
Court to rule on divorced Islamic couple’s $50,000 ‘deferred dowry’ deal

A SYDNEY man whose Islamic marriage included a contract that he pay his wife a $50,000 ”deferred dowry” if he left her is arguing the contract is unenforceable under Australian law.

Mrs Mohamed’s barrister, Peter Lange, said courts in the US and Britain had ruled such Islamic dowry contracts were enforceable and his client should be paid.   Story at

The Warming Fraud

Australian temperature fixer Tim Flannery tells PBS:

China is doing exceptionally well … they are on track to stabilise their emissions.

Let’s just check that:   GIVE THAT THEY MAY LOSE (Tim Blair)

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  1. One of the reasons Australia has a JuLIAR Gillard led Union/ GetUp funded/Labor Green Loon “Independent” minority “Progressive Socialist, Co Party” government, is because of this man, Craig Thomson.

    Please sign the petition and put as much pressure on him and JuLIAR and the MSM as possible.

    This is the second petition and attempt at sanctioning these grubs the first was taken down after threats were made to the petition on line hosts.

    go here

  2. Re “Never buy a used bike after the Sydney Mardi Gras!”

    Shit a Brick!!!!! ewwwww!!!! you would not ride em with YOUR Bike.

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