"Islamophobia is a national illness"

Kari Huus from MSNBC  parrots Zogby and  Niraj Warikoo, useful idiot of the month


Pamela Geller: Opposing honor killing is ‘Islamophobia’?

Imam Hassan al-Qazwini of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn:

“Geller and Spencer will fail because they are against God Allah, they are against America, and people will not get with them.”  

The Dearborn Jessica Mokdad Conference (BCF)

One attendee has posted virtually the entire conference online. We have snatched it away from BCF.

Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference

More ‘national illness’ at Atlas Shrugs.

Photos from The Jessica Mokdad Anti-Honor Killing Conference

“NO American Laws For American Courts” 

Police Shut-down Event Promoting U.S. Constitution– Thomas More Law Center Files Lawsuit Against CAIR-Michigan

ANN ARBOR, Mich., April 30, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — In the middle of an event to extol the virtues of the U.S. Constitution and “American Laws For American Courts,” the audience learned first-hand how easy it is to lose their freedom of Speech and Assembly.

Amid shouts of “What about free speech?” from the audience, the Allegan Police Department ordered the event shut-down.   Police Shut-down Event Promoting U.S. Constitution

Michael Coren Interview With Pamela Geller

Last night in Dearborn, Michigan, while the Islamic supremacists raged and fulminated, we held our Jessica Mokdad Human Rights Conference on Honor Killing. We told the whole truth about the justifications for honor killing in Islamic law, and other related instances of aspects of Islamic law advancing in the U.S. We stood determined to defend the principles of the equality of dignity of all people, and their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It was a superb evening, thanks in large part to your support. The Islamic supremacist/Leftist smear and hate machine was out in force, holding a rally of their own earlier in the day and then attempting to storm our event and get in despite the fact that they had not registered. We had advertised for weeks that no one would be admitted without registering first. With their usual mendacity they have tried to spin this as our not allowing Muslims into the conference, but if no Muslims really got in, that was solely because no Muslims registered — if indeed there were indeed no Muslims inside. In any case, while these disturbances were roiling outside the door, our crack security detail, made possible by your kind and generous donations in response to our appeal Saturday, ensured that only those who registered got in, and that thuggish Leftist and Islamic supremacist brownshirts were unable to harm the speakers or attendees.

– Robert Spencer