Isn't that our old friend Andy Chowdary next to the Wilders-threatening sharia advocate?

Vlad Tepes update:

“The Muslims will confront this cancer of manmade laws called democracy and eradicate it”

Dutch authorities arrest Wilders threatening muselturd after all:

Our moral guardian from Morocco, a parasite who lives on Dutch taxpayers money tells us that  the sharia shall deal with  economic exploitation  (by exploiting the dhimmies some more)  Slavery (which has never been renounced or abolished in lands where Mohammedanism rules) prostitution (mohammedans are the best customers)  and  end the wars against Islam (which means any resistance to Islam must be removed)

Sharia4Belgium during a press conference on the Amsterdam Dam said that the Freedom Monument is the center of the “axis of evil gather around all perversions.”

it doesn’t occur to these people that Islam itself is extremely perverted.


Sean Hannity Interview Geert Wilders About Radical Islam

  • The Dutch people would, according to the Islamists, continue to embrace booze and prostitution.
  • Geert Wilders awaits the same fate as Theo van Gogh.

Sharia4Belgium in Amsterdam to speak at a meeting.

Minister Opstelten told the Salafists “go to hell “and warned Sharia4Belgium frontman, Abu Imran,  that he could possibly be arrested and extradited to Morocco, where he has a prison sentence  of 2 years waiting he must serve for the trafficking of narcotics. At the meeting at the Dam, a demonstrator against Sharia4Belgium was also arrested.

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  1. @kaw, He is on benefits, by his own omission and is a trained solicitor.

    And has admitted to the heavy use of drugs and alcohol before he found Allah.

    As for who pays, radical donors.

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