Manji's 'Trouble with Islam' in Malaysia

Irshad is out to launch her book titled “Islam Liberty and Love”– but righteous Muslims won’t have any of her nonsense:

The geekish Manji is offensive to Muslims and hers is a “deviant ideology.”

“The Trouble With Islam Today” has been banned in Malaysia, and its author is making a run for it:

“Irshad Manji says that moderate Muslims in Malaysia are not only ‘useless’ but that their ‘silence and passivity’ allow extremists to get away with violence and intimidation.”

Mein Kampf is still always on sale in Kuala Lumpur. No surprise there.

Question for Irshad: Where are the moderate Muslims in North America? They’re not speaking up either.  BCF: Irshad Manji Has Malaysian Semi-Awakening: Moderate Muslims “Useless”

This pop tart thought she could get away cooking her own little Islam while being a lesbian in Canuckistan. How lucky she is!

One thought on “Manji's 'Trouble with Islam' in Malaysia”

  1. IN the latest edition of Foreign Policy magazine, Muslim reformer Mona Eltahawy called for a genuine revolution in the Middle East. Unlike the Arab Spring, this one would release women from oppression. “First we stop pretending,” she said. “Call out the hate for what it is.”

    Is misogyny prevalent and gaining traction in the Muslim world and why did most women vote for Islamists in Middle East elections?

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