2 thoughts on “Mark Steyn On Charles Adler – America's slow suicide”

  1. I’m an independent contractor. There are so many idiots and fools, WHO DON’T DO ANYTHING, but skim the money that I WORK FOR, between me and the money I earn, that there is absolutely no incentive to work except to simply survive. That is, my labor supports an entire network of fools, who struggled long and hard to earn their GED’s, who can’t spell, who can’t write a sentence, who can’t even carry on a sensible conversation, who essentially do nothing except, as little corporate vermin, contrive to take more and more of what I work for. And, I’m not even talking about the government. I see the degradation of business and industry as a huge problem. When corporations are run like collective farms, just give it up and start from scratch.

  2. Both his books, America Alone and Armageddon – After America, are excellent, dense with facts and incredibly funny.

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