Misconception Polka

Scotland: Imam says muslims have misconceptions about forced marriage:

Shaykh Amer Jamil says forced marriage has no place in Islam– (he probably never heard of Aisha, or Safiya…..) “In the Muslim community there’s a misconception amongst some people that religion allows this….”

Misunderstanders of Islam attack unveiled females in Yemen:

According to reports from the local authorities several girls were sprayed with acid on their face by Ansar al-Sharia, for they refused to bow to their demands.  Nothing to do with Islam, of course…..

Bin Laden was not killed,  Jews are planning the downfall of Muslims, and 9/11 was…..

Tarek Fatah:  anti-Semitism rooted in the history of Christianity! (Nothing to do with Islam!)

“We got me!”

Spread the Wealth’:

 “Cheap shot”

The Looking Spoon:

Cairo: radical headbangers protest against ruling military that stands in the way of sharia

At least eleven protesters have been killed by armed attackers near the Ministry of Defence in Cairo, Egyptian officials have said.  “Protesters attacked the armed forces. The armed forces have orders to hold their ground.”

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