Muslim Brother Ahmed Bedier: “Some of the faces in attendance are clearly enemies of Islam and hate Muslims.”

Inside Islamic Society of North America’s Tampa Conference



The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) describes itself on its website as:

“The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) is an independent, open and transparent membership organization that strives to be an exemplary and unifying Islamic organization in North America by contributing to the betterment of the Muslim community and society at large. ISNA is committed to freedom, to eradicating prejudice and to creating a society where Muslims can live peacefully and prosper alongside other Americans from all walks of life and diverse traditions and faith.” 



Tom Trento, Executive Director, The United West said,

“Recently, The United West, with over 25 people, “infiltrated” the east coast Conference of a Muslim Brotherhood front group, the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).  Our team comprised of Christians, Jews, Atheists, men, women and even Muslims (identities unknown to the ISNA organizers) who legally participated in every Conference session, side conversations, off-the-record discussions and even the concluding celebratory Banquet!  Over the next few weeks we will report on our work, and give you a detailed look inside ISNA, an organization federally designated as a co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism funding case. Our investigative report will show that ISNA is a discriminatory, racist organization that rejects pledging allegiance to the United States of America, unless cornered as they were by some folks from The United West!”

In the vein of ISNA’s self-described openness and transparency, we felt comfortable with the knowledge that we would be welcomed and that the extension of our open hand of friendship would be met in kind.  While we met many individual conference attendees who were polite and neighborly, instead, the message from speakers in leadership positions was at times hostile, racist, and openly combative.

Since we were guests of the ISNA Conference, our behavior was always respectful and polite.  At no time did we act disrespectfully towards anyone at the conference, even when we were treated poorly and publicly disparaged.

The lobby of the Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore was abuzz with scores of women dressed in brightly colored hijabs (head coverings) and men sporting full length robes, shariah-compliant beards, and kufi’s (head coverings).  There were even women who had their faces covered with dark black ominous fabric, showing only their eyes, with several children under their care. Walking to the registration table there was a vibrant bazaar of Middle Eastern clothing vendors, artists, a CAIR table, Muslim youth tables, Muslim online matrimony tables, and perfume vendors.  The smells of rosewater and sandalwood perfumes filled the air.

The conference started with opening remarks by Sami Catovic.  Mr. Catovic’s speech was warm and welcoming.  The moderator for the first session, Ahmed Bedier, arrived late.  When Bedier took the podium, all semblance of ISNA’s mission to promote openness and transparency was thrown out the window with his opening remarks.

Ahmed Bedier made it clear that video or audio taping would not be allowed because there were people in attendance who will twist and turn ISNA’s message.  What is this group trying to hide from the outside world?  You will soon find out.

Ahmed Bedier

Bedier set the tone for the rest of the conference by stating, “Some of the faces in attendance are clearly enemies of Islam and hate Muslims.”  Bedier’s comments had the desired effect because 15-20 attendees turned around and looked at me with what can only be described as hate and contempt.  Many of the other 25 members of our group reported receiving similar looks from those around them.  This reaction towards many of us was because we did not “look” Muslim.  Our Middle Eastern Arabic-speaking friends led us to believe that non-Muslim looking people were watched closely for the remainder of the conference.

Despite Bedier’s unpleasant speech, our objective was always to remain quiet, respectful, and give ISNA no reason to eject us based on our behavior.  Due to our exemplary behavior throughout the conference, not one of our people was asked to leave.  I must compliment a number of Muslims in attendance who were offended by Ahmed Bedier’s venomous rhetoric.    ISNA’s silence, as Bukhari teaches in the Hadith, is consent, and thus ISNA will forever be linked with Ahmed Bedier.  One of the leading Imams present told us he does not like Bedier, and Bedier does not like him.  We learned of much Muslim-on-Muslim division and hostility inside the Sunni community leadership and members.

Ahmed Bedier made an interesting comment when he stated that it would be impossible to have this ISNA Conference in many Islamic countries.  Bedier would be right because most Islamic countries do not allow the freedom of assembly.  The contradiction here is that Bedier is bashing Shariah-compliant Islamic countries because there is no freedom of assembly yet he is also hostile towards The United West for articulating a similar message.  This comment above by Bedier would be considered Islamic hate speech if anyone else stated this fact about Political Islam.

Dr. Jamal Badawi on Shariah Sacred Principles

Other breakout sessions were Love and Marriage: The Halal Way, Character building through Islamic Education, Spiritual Development for Teachers, Participation through Grassroots Political Engagement, and Understanding Shariah.

Understanding Shariah: Sacred Principles in striving for Human Development by Dr. Jamal Badawi.  Dr. Badawi is a nationally recognized Shariah scholar and co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist funding trial.  Badawi’s session was without a doubt the most popular event of the conference.

There were approximately 200+ people in the conference room.  The audience was made up of men, women, and young adults.  There was a noticeable mood shift in the room to one of anticipation and excitement at hearing the esteemed Dr. Jamal Badawi.  Dr. Badawi’s cadence and rhythm began slowly, soft spoken, and modest.  As the lecture continued, with each passing 10 minute interval, Badawi became more animated, excited and extreme by Western standards.

U.S. Constitution and Blood Money

Jamal Badawi was especially animated as he explained why Sharia is superior to Democracy.  The lecture went on for 90 minutes so I will give you two examples that Dr. Badawi provided.

1.   Badawi said, “The Constitution can be changed and amended by human beings – you cannot change the Qur’an which means it is MORE than democracy.  In Islam it is more than the 21st century legal system even in this country (USA), because the Qur’an is not an invention to keep up with the times.”  In other words, Allah’s laws known as “Shariah” are superior to our man-made laws “such as the Constitution and Bill of Rights”.  Read that sentence again and let the full impact sink into your inquisitive mind.

2.    Badawi said, “If the family of the person who was murdered goes to the judge and says we are not interested in another life being taken, we forgive, can that be done in Democracy? NO, because it becomes a State case.”  “If the family of the murdered person feels that the person who murdered is remorseful, or offering financial compensation, especially if he is the bread winner, they can forgive with or even without financial compensation and this is superior to western laws. There is no question in my mind, at least that is my view.  You may disagree with it, but don’t consider me radical, because I also consider you radical for not listening.” (The crowd erupts into applause and laughter).  The message Badawi is sending to those in attendance is “Don’t respect American Laws because Shariah is superior.”  I found Badawi’s comments problematic because of the Islamic doctrinal concept of financial compensation for a person’s life is “blood money” by any other name, and it therefore devalues human life.

Badawi is the face of ISNA.  Jamal Badawi thought he was talking to a Muslim audience and told the truth as he sees it – he hates American jurisprudence.  I have seen Badawi speak at the University of Central Florida and I can tell you his message was not as overtly Anti-American as at this ISNA Conference.

Mood of the Room Changes after Badawi Speaks

The mood of the room changed again after Badawi’s speech.  The looks of contempt towards the non-Muslims in the audience were a few seconds longer and more confident.  However, when you looked these ISNA bullies right back in the eye, 90% of the time they averted their eyes in shame.  Nothing was ever said between the two parties, and that is the power of non-verbal intimidation.

As I walked out of the conference room the halls were jam packed and the ISNA attendees seemed more energized and excited.  Although no words were spoken to me directly, the looks and stares were more noticeable.

The stare downs from the older teenagers to 35-year-olds were an intentional form of intimidation.  The stare down is an invitation for the intended target to respond with a comment.  Once that comment is said, things tend to escalate very quickly.  Despite the amateurish attempts at intimidation, we treated ISNA’s disrespect with a knowing smile – driving our antagonists even more unhinged.

Why no Pledge of Allegiance?

During the one Question and Answer session at one of the last sessions for the day, Roger G asked the question of why there were no American flags and no Pledge of Allegiance at the ISNA Conference.  Their first response was that the Hilton hotel had no flags.

When the ISNA leadership realized how bad it would look if they refused to put their hands over their hearts and pledge allegiance to the United States of America, they acted quickly.   ISNA and 70% in attendance submitted to the will of Roger G standing up saying the Pledge.  Meanwhile most everyone on the podium pulled out their camera phones and captured the moment on film so they can use that moment for propaganda.  When you see this video eventually pop up from ISNA – you now know the rest of the story.


The United West encourages everyone to sign up for these ISNA, ICNA, MSA, MPAC, etc., conferences that are advertised in your cities.  ISNA did not like our presence but were forced to deal with it in order to avoid embarrassment.  You now have a brief glimpse into the two faces of Political Shariah-compliant Islam.

Imam Johari Abdul Malik, outreach coordinator, for the infamous Dar al-Hijra Mosque in Falls Church, Maryland, said in a private/public conversation at the hotel bar, that 90% of all Muslims in America will vote for President Obama.  Rest assured this ISNA conference was politically motivated and meant to send a clear message to the Republicans in Florida that ISNA supports President Barak Hussein Obama.  The Mayor of Tampa attended the ISNA Conference Banquet paying respect to his friends and financial supporters.

On Saturday, local Tampa 9/12, Tea Party, and concerned Americans came out in-force, in front of the Airport Hilton hotel, to exercise their rights to free speech.  Around 100 people attended the rally, representing the true united voices supporting America’s man-made laws.

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