Obumblers total absorption with the Choom Gang

Obama Thanked His Gay Drug Dealer In High School Year Book Instead Of Mom


A self-selected group of boys at Punahou School who loved basketball and good times called themselves the Choom Gang. Choom is a verb, meaning “to smoke marijuana.”

 Ray the dealer was “freakin’ scary.” Many years later they learned that he had been killed with a ball-peen hammer by a scorned gay lover. But at the time he was useful because of his ability to “score quality weed.”

A User’s Guide To Smoking Pot With Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro: by BuzzFeed

Barry was quite the accomplished marijuana enthusiast back in high school and college. Excerpts from David Maraniss’ Barack Obama: The Story dealing with the elaborate drug culture surrounding the president when he attended Punahou School in Honolulu and Occidental College in Los Angeles. He inhaled. A lot.

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Why did it take so long?