Philippino Surrender

Will Filipinos sign off on surrender to Islamic jihad?

Pamela Geller:

There is no peace with Islam until the conquered have “been subdued” (Qur’an 9:29). The”peace” agreement is perceived in Islam as ahudna (a temporary ceasefire).

I suspect that the deal is most disadvantageous to Filipinos, considering that the deal was being “mediated” by the modern-day manifestation of the universal caliphate, the OIC.

I assure you that there will be no “peace” if the Filipinos sign off on this supreme act of capitulation. It will merely be the new starting off point for more aggressive jihad and Islamic terror. It is an unfailing historic Islamic pattern. Mark. my. words.

The Philippines (former American protectorate and 95% Catholic country) loses territory, but has to “share wealth” with the jihadi rebels.

Philippines to make public peace deal with Muslim rebels before signing it (hat tip JW)

ZAMBOANGA CITY (Mindanao Examiner / May 20, 2012) – The Aquino government said it would make public the peace agreement with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front before finally signing it with the country’s largest Muslim rebel group.

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Bahrain’s ‘glorious history’  praised:

 Restive? Festive? Suggestive? Thai PM lauds Islamic culture


The government cannot rest on its laurels following the positive gesture from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation over Thailand’s handling of the problems in the restive southern region.

In a joint statement issued after the visit, Thailand and the OIC denounced the indiscriminate acts of violence against innocent civilians as they are against the teachings of Islam.

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(Pattani, Thailand) – An elderly Buddhist man is shot several times in the torso by Muslim ‘rebels’.