3 thoughts on “Sean Hannity interviews Geert Wilders about his new book: 'Marked For Death'”

  1. About the only thing I disagree with GW on is that he states that religious Islam can be separated and accepted and that “religious only” Muslims can live among us. I think this is delusional. “Religious” Islam cannot be separated from the rest of it. But, I guess he’s saying what he has to say to get along. I fear that a time will come when we look back and realize that almost everything GW said was profoundly true.

  2. Geert Wilders has the courage to stand up against aggression not only from islamists ,but also from his dutch compatriots. He is not accepted by the queen who settles the results of elections and therefore can only participate in a shadow-government role.

    If only the dutch electorate would stop being brainwashed by the main-media and vote by 75% this september for Geert Wilders’ party PVV, then the country might be saved by leaving the political monstrum which is the EU.

    Let us be grateful for this hero and pray for his safety in this crazy world and thank you americans for welcoming him!

  3. Many of us have pointed out the danger of islam even before GW was even born. The west has been under sustained attack from these thugs for over 100 years and we have a major war in front of us to clear our the virus of islam. I agree with Pray Hard – by definition muslims are incapable of compromise.

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