"Shadowy Groups"

“Mysterious Shadowy Groups” from the ‘restive south of Thailand’ to Mindanao in the Philippines and from Syria to Timbuktu. The deliberate stupidity on display in the lame-stream media is nauseating:

Shadowy Islamic Terror Group Emerges In Syria: ‘From Their World View, Democracy Is a Religion’


DAMASCUS, Syria (The Blaze/AP) — Syria is in shambles, as the country continues to experience incessant instability. As terror rips through the nation’s streets, a mysterious, new jihadist group called Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front) is claiming responsibility for much of the carnage. Little is currently known about the cell, although some experts suspect that the al-Qaida either set the groundwork for the organization or served as the inspiration for its creation.

In the most recent example of terror and violence (though it’s not yet known if the group was involved), two suicide car bombs ripped through the Syrian capital Thursday, killing 55 people. The explosions also shaved the facade off a military intelligence building in the deadliest explosions since the country’s uprising began 14 months ago, the Interior Ministry said.

Residents told an Associated Press reporter that the blasts happened in quick succession during morning rush hour, with an initial small explosion followed by a larger bomb that appeared aimed at onlookers and rescue crews arriving at the scene. Paramedics wearing rubber gloves collected human remains from the pavement as heavily damaged cars and pickup trucks smoldered.

There was no claim of responsibility for Thursday’s blasts. But with the Al-Nusra Front claiming responsibility for several past explosions, its involvement is certainly being questioned.

The latest attack adds to raising fears that terrorist groups are entering the fray and exploiting Syria’s chaos. In addition to the 55 dead, the ministry also said there were 15 bags of human remains, meaning the death toll was likely to rise.