Allahu akbar! Sydney headbanger meets virgins, in Syria!

Pity that so few hear that higher calling.

Sheikh Mustapha al-Majzoub died on Sunday when he was hit during a rocket attack,

Australia-based sheikh killed in Syria, reportedly while waging jihad against the regime

His family and associates deny that that was what he was doing, insisting that he was a gentle, peaceful soul whose whole life’s mission was peace. But he himself wrote about how some Muslims who are sweet and gentle among their fellow Muslims are lions on the battlefield. That doesn’t mean that he himself was fighting on the battlefield, of course, but clearly he would have had no objection to doing so, contrary to the implications of his family’s statements. “Sydney sheikh killed in Syria: reports,” by Leesha McKenny for the Sydney Morning Herald, August 21 (thanks to David):

A POPULAR Sydney sheikh and teacher has been killed by a rocket attack in Syria, his family in Australia has confirmed.Sheikh Mustapha Al Majzoub died on Sunday while carrying out humanitarian and charity work in conflict-torn country, the family said in a statement, which also thanked the community for its support and messages of condolences.

‘‘Although it is a time of sadness as we have lost a much loved member of our family, we are honoured that Sheikh Mustafa died doing what he has been doing his entire life – selflessly serving the community for the sake of pleasing God,’’ it said.

Not. He was waging jihad to please allah…….

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"Shadowy Groups"

“Mysterious Shadowy Groups” from the ‘restive south of Thailand’ to Mindanao in the Philippines and from Syria to Timbuktu. The deliberate stupidity on display in the lame-stream media is nauseating:

Shadowy Islamic Terror Group Emerges In Syria: ‘From Their World View, Democracy Is a Religion’


DAMASCUS, Syria (The Blaze/AP) — Syria is in shambles, as the country continues to experience incessant instability. As terror rips through the nation’s streets, a mysterious, new jihadist group called Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front) is claiming responsibility for much of the carnage. Little is currently known about the cell, although some experts suspect that the al-Qaida either set the groundwork for the organization or served as the inspiration for its creation.

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Red Kerry interviews the red 'expert' for the ME: Robert Fisk

Four Corners

By Jonathan Miller and Channel 4

Kerry claims “Fisk covered the region with distinction”

Fisk, an old drunk who always gets it wrong, not only gives us the Arab narrative,  he is also a master of immoral equivalence and a Jew hater from way back when. In this vid he tells us that Deputy Prime Minister of Israel,  Avigdor Lieberman is just as crazy as the genocidal crackpot Mahound Ahmadinejad of Iran.

Click here for the video

It’s a program that raises many questions, not least how can any country support the regime of President Bashar al-Assad? How can the United Nations resist calls for al-Assad to be charged and prosecuted for war crimes? But if this happens, and the President leaves office, what will it mean for Syria and the balance of power in the Middle East?

As unrest grows in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad continues to insist the violence is being driven by criminals and gangs of bandits, encouraged by forces outside Syria.

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Syria: "Non-violent, largely secular" Muslim Brotherhood claims responsibilty for blasts that murdered 44

The Muslim Brotherhood ‘s goals include world conquest in the name of Allah.  They use the motto  “Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope” —

For Obama spin-doctor Clapper the Brotherhood is “moderate.” “Extremists” would have killed 88. (at least!)

More on this story. “Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood claims responsibilty for deadly blasts,” from AFP, December 25 (thanks to The Religion of Peace and JW):

SYRIA’S Muslim Brotherhood has claimed responsibility for suicide bombings in Damascus that killed 44 people, saying they were the first step in liberating the capital and that more attacks were to come.

Related links:

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Syria: Muslim Brotherhood asking for freedom, justice and equality…

Syria’s exiled Islamists offer to quit politics

In the German version of Little Red Riding Hood the wolf eats chalk to make his voice softer in order to convince the lambs to open the door …


Syria’s banned Muslim Brotherhood in exile has offered to halt its political activities in exchange for their return home, a Qatari newspaper reported on Sunday.

The appeal follows the toppling of Tunisia’s strongman Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in a popular revolt.

“If we are allowed to go back to Syria, we will devote ourselves to preaching and religious activities only,” the Brotherhood’s secretary general, Mohammed Riad al-Shaqfa, told Al-Sharq daily.

(Wonder what they’ve been doing before in order to get thrown out…?)

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Meet Sheikh Ahmed Hassoun, Syria's "Grand Mufti"

“If politeness and ceremony be observed toward Mohammedans, they imagine they are feared and become arrogant; but in showing severity and rudeness, they are impressed with fear and respect, and they are supple and manageable.”

–North China Herald,1867

It is mindboggling that headbangers like this Sheikh Ahmed Hassoun  are allowed to speak at the EU parliament. Creatures like this should be held in contempt by self-respecting, civilized Europeans:

Some examples here:

Grand Mufti of Syria: “a single civilisation unites us all..”

Religion of  bridge-builders….

Euro-dhimmies ban showing of FITNA

(after instructions from Syria’s grand mufti, of course…)

Syria’s Grand Mufti warns EU-Dhimmi’s to restrict Free Speech. Or else…

How  can Mohammedanism spread when infidels are allowed to insult the profit?

Robert Spencer has this:

Syria’s Mufti: “If Mohammed had commanded us to kill people, I would have told him he was not a prophet”

Here is a particularly audacious exercise in deception from Sheikh Ahmed Hassoun, the Mufti of Syria. I say deception because his assertions are so flagrantly at variance with the Qur’an and Sunnah that he simply must know that what he is saying is false. And while it is remotely possible that he is attempting to work a loophole by saying that Muhammad never said these things while knowing that the Qur’an does say them, on the pretext that Allah, not Muhammad, wrote the Qur’an, there is enough in the Hadith to show that Muhammad said the same things as well. Detailed explanations below.

“Syria’s Mufti: Islam commands us to protect Judaism,” from Haaretz, January 19 (thanks to all who sent this in):

Syria’s foremost Muslim leader declared on Tuesday that Islam commands its followers to protect Judaism, according to Army Radio.”If the Prophet Mohammed had asked me to deem Christians or Jews heretics, I would have deemed Mohammed himself a heretic,” Sheikh Ahmed Hassoun, the Mufti of Syria, was quoted as telling a delegation of American academics visiting Damascus.

Reality check:

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Progress in Syria: Kill Your Wife, Get Out in Two

*  Jihad Watch under DOS attack, again…

* Yeah! But what about Michael Jackson?

After an increase of “wife-killings… on the pretext of adultery,” Syria allows for tougher penalties for honor killings — two years in prison!

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India: Dead Pig Kills Hindus

suspendsamirimagesCNN:  Widespread violence broke out in Mysore Thursday after somebody threw a dead pig into the compound of an under-construction mosque, city police commissioner Sunil Agarwal told CNN.

Today’s PalArab news roundup July-5-09

Elder of Ziyon

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Syrian Swine Flu Conspiracy Nuts Are Spinning Like Iranian Centrifuges

* You knew this was coming, didn’t you?


Syrian Government Daily ‘Teshreen’: Swine Flu May Be Product of American Laboratories Specializing In Developing Viruses


In his May 4, 2009 column in the Syrian government daily Teshreen, Charles Kamleh explains how “‘the swine conspiracy’ may be – according to one of the theories accompanying the spread of the disease – the product of one of the American laboratories specializing in developing viruses.”

Following is an excerpt from his column: 

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Dead Baby Jihad and the "Peace-plan" of the Chinless Ophthalmologist

* In 1982, Hafez al Assad, the father of the current President Bashar Assad, wiped out 20.000 Muslim Brotherhood members in Hama and had the place turned into a parking lot. In typical Arab fashion, Basher appeals to Western nutroots to condemn Israel in the latest PR-battle of the Dead Baby Jihad:

Why secular Arabs are unmoved by the plight of Hamas

Because unlike “gullible Westerners [who] can delude themselves that a Sharia (Islamic rule) state in Gaza will care only about itself and Israel,” they know better, know that the natural state of a sharia-state is to grow and expand, spilling into neighboring land. After all, though they may be “secular,” they do come from an Islamic background and know exactly how totalitarian Islamic law is. “Why Arab states are unmoved by plight of Hamas: most fear Muslim militancy despite their dislike of Israel,” by Tim Butcher for the Telegraph,via JW

In New York a United Nations human rights chief alleges Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza. In Geneva the normally silent International Committee of the Red Cross goes public to condemn the Jewish state. And in Kensington barriers have to be erected by police to stop protesters reaching the embassy of Israel.  By contrast, the reaction in the Arab world seems almost mute. There are a few rallies in countries such as Syria and Yemen where Israeli flags are burned but that happens after Friday prayers on high days and holidays anyway.

* Hamas “executes” fellow Palestinians

* Ban Ki Moonbat comes to the rescue of Hamas

* Hamas is getting back to business in Gaza, and the first order of business is rounding up and torturing Fatah ‘activists.’

* All those nice people who went out and demonstrated for Hamas shouldread the whole thing and see what nice people they were supporting.

* By the way, Fatah’s al-Aqsa Brigades claimed today that they shot 102 rockets and 35 mortars at Israel during the war.

* Europe Takes to the Streets: Tens of Thousands Demonstrate For and Against Israel

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Syria: honour crime law “is derived from Islamic sharia, and we cannot change it”

So much for “nothing to do with Islam”-

New Drive to Abolish “Honour Crime” Laws

From Institute for War & Peace Reporting

Syrian leaders have recommended reforming laws under which criminals convicted of so-called “honour crimes” get lenient sentences.
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