So You Want to Boycott Israel?

Lets Boycott South Africa Instead:

SA is rapidly going down the crapper. There is a genocide against white farmers, the country is awash in murder and rape. White flight is in full swing in SA. but Israel is singled out as the root of all earthly problems.

JERUSALEM — The Palestinian Arab campaign to boycott goods produced in Jewish settlements in the West Bank has received a boost from abroad with an unprecedented South African proposal to have the name of Israel dropped from labels on merchandise made in the settlements. Jewish settlements  entrepreneurs in the West Bank produce items such as wine, Dead Sea cosmetics and agricultural products, including dates.  (There are no ‘settlements’. There is only Israel and that includes Judea and Samaria….)

So You Want to Boycott Israel? Satire

Great idea: how about counting the Fakestinians?

Jonathan Schanzer reports that Senator Mark Kirk (R-Il) is about to stir up a hornet’s nest in a good way. Kirk wants to count how many ‘Palestinian refugees’ are actually serviced by UNRWA. It’s certainly not close to the 5,000,000 claimed (up from 750,000 at most in 1948). And not everyone serviced by UNRWA is going to qualify. Read the whole thing. The best part about it? It’s an election year and therefore it would be politically toxic for Obama to veto it. (Carl in J’lem)

“The Holocaust never ended, but the victims have decided to defend themselves…”

A group of Jewish children with a teacher in Samarkand, (in modern Uzbekistan), ca. 1910.


How about a satirical look at the way the media report on Israel?  How to Write About Israel (AP gets right to it:  For Jerusalem Day, AP pushes a Muslim lie

Israel, the Ire of Ireland?

“While the Government is firmly opposed to campaigns which seek to impose a cultural boycott on Israel, it is the right of others to take a contrary view,” — sure thing. That ‘contrary view’ needs protecting:

“Eamon Gilmore has criticised what he described as ‘unacceptable efforts to harass artists with a view to intimidating them from exercising their freedom of choice’ in relation to engagement with Israel.”

Top Iranian commander reiterates commitment to full annihilation of Israel

We have a beautiful pic thanks to Vlad:

General Firouzabadi:  “The Iranian nation is standing for its cause that is the full annihilation of Israel.”

“The Zionist regime is a real cancerous tumor that should be cut and will be cut, God Willing,” Ayatollah Khamenei underscored.

Not to worry, they really don’t mean what they say. Don’t believe the Zionist propaganda.  In reality, its the annihilationists who are threatened: Dennis Kucinich Defends Mullah Regime: “Iran Is Not Threatening Us! We’re Threatening Them!”

WTF is wrong with Denmark?

Danish Secretary of State: Goods imported from Israeli settlements must be labelled. “Will have very significant and direct impact on import.”

What do Muslims and Socialists have in common? Well, first of all, they both define themselves by having pity toward Muslims. And, of course, the Jeeews — not inbreeding (here, here), constant Palestinian aggression and violence, Palestinian schools teaching kids to be suicide bombers or the Quran — must be blamed.

We are still waiting for the Left to demand that goods from occupied Tibet should be labelled. But then again, China is too big to fight, and they are socialists, too… We are also still waiting for the Left to demand labelling of halal goods. But then again, Muslims vote for the Left and will lose income if we infidel consumers are able to see the difference…

Translated from Danish by Nicolai Sennels, Politiken May 18: “Goods from Israeli settlements will be labelled“. One more reason for Muslims to vote for the Left:

It must be crystal clear to Danish consumers if they are standing with a product from an Israeli settlement in their hands. This is the message from Secretary of State Villy Søvndal (Socialist Peoples’ Party), who will introduce a labeling system for all goods imported from the settlements, ‘which are illegal according to international law’. Denmark thereby tightens this new EU law (more than other countries).”This is a step that clearly demonstrates to consumers that these products are produced under conditions that not only the Danish government, but also European governments, are against. And so it is up to the consumers whether they want to purchase the goods or not,” said Søvndal.

Labelling is not mandatory to Danish supermarkets. But the Secretary of State firmly believes that Danish supermarkets will show their goodwill, and Søvndal refers to Britain, which for years has had a similar arrangement “with great success.” Søvndal is also confident that the Israeli settlements arouse a lot of anger among the consumers and that the consumers will change their behavior.

“I am certain that the labelling will have a very significant and direct impact on imports.”

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  1. Of course, that does not apply to the people of Gaza, who mostly don’t pay for things anyway.

  2. Personally, I like the Israeli lists, it makes my shopping easier. If the lefties and the Muslims are protesting it, I usually double my orders for Israeli products.

    Good to see the General hasn’t missed a meal.

    RE”: Netanyahu at Merkaz HaRav: “I Will Never Divide Jerusalem”. Don’t give them a Fecken inch. It would be the thin edge of the wedge.

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