The Private Parts of Jacob Zuma

There is a genocide going on against white farmers in South Africa, but don’t expect any demonstrations from ‘concerned’ blacks or white human rites activists on their behalf.

In other news, the UN proves once again that it is nothing more than pond scum spitting on those who brought it into existence:

No genocidal despot left behind:

UN makes genocidal dictator Mugabe “Tourism Leader”

Mugabe, accused of ethnic cleansing and bankrupting his country, is now a world champion in tourism? Sorry, not buying any.

ANC Outrage

South Africans ANC mobs are outraged after a national artist depicted the country’s president, Jacob Zuma, in a Lenin-style photo with one crucial addition– the president’s genitals are fully exposed.

Lambasting his reputation for promiscuity– the president has twenty-one children by six different wives– the picture is also meant to highlight corruption endemic in the government, according to reports.

South Africans Protest Brett Murrays Art Work Depicting President Jacob Zuma with Genitals Exposed(Photo: AP)

Though the painting, titled “The Spear,” was recently defaced and removed from the gallery, the African National Congress (ANC) is still calling on South Africans to protest.

“The march called by the ANC is a protest against the continued display and exhibition in that gallery’s websiteof an insulting portrait of president Jacob Zuma,” said the ANC’s national spokesperson Jackson Mthembu. “It is also meant to condemn the defacing of an ANC logo with an inscription ‘FOR SALE’ and ‘SOLD’ as it continues to be displayed in that gallery.

“We believe all these actions by the gallery are not only a violation of the right to dignity of [comrade] president Jacob Zuma, but are a clear and calculated attack on the ANC. We therefore again call on all South Africans, members and supports of the ANC and our alliance partners to come and register their outrage at this insult and attack on our president and the ANC,” the spokesperson continued.

According to CNN an impressive 15,000 people were due to turn up for the protest, but the Associated Press is reporting that the gallery capitulated and removed the image from its website after the arrival of only 2,000.

Meanwhile, the opposition party has branded the work, “a brilliant work of political satire” and “an instant icon.”