These guys are good: two Muslim crims sue prison system over strip searches

“Humiliated Muslims”

One is  a rapist, sure, but he’s a modest rapist. More strong-arming of the system to demand accommodation of Islam: “2 Muslim men sue over Pa. inmate strip searches,” from The Associated Press, May 2

Pearlie & Elwood (note the zebiba of the devout muselmaniac!)

JOHNSTOWN — Two Muslims are suing the state Department of Corrections, saying they were humiliated by being strip-searched before female staff and fellow inmates at SCI-Laurel Highlands.

Both said their requests to be taken to a private search area were denied during a general lockdown on Oct. 5, 2009.

“The Islamic religion prohibits a man from exposing his genitals to anyone but his spouse,” according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Johnstown by attorney Aaron Martin of suburban Philadelphia.

Elwood “Atheem” Small and Pearlie DuBose Jr. are seeking damages topping $150,000.

Small also said he was unfairly denied participation in group prayers for breaking his Ramadan fast at the state prison outside Somerset. He said that’s not required by Islamic law.

Corrections spokeswoman Sue McNaughton in Harrisburg said Tuesday the department would not comment on the suit.

One thought on “These guys are good: two Muslim crims sue prison system over strip searches”

  1. Oh now i get it, it’s all ok for this scum to rape a female but it’s not ok for a female warden to see their weiners.

    Damn hypocrites, good i’m glad that they get to be humiliated like their victim. It would be even better for a female warden to castrate them with a razor blade.

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