UK: Afghan females need only Islamic education, says Carnitha clone

There might be some in Afghanistan who’d beg to differ.

Thanks to Mullah:

Massive Da’awa Campaign 2012

Professional Liar Bullshits Students at Michigan State University

EAST LANSING, Mich. — Since Sept. 11, it has become increasingly common to hear about Muslims who condemn all non-Muslims – or “infidels” – to hell, but this has never been a foundation of Islamic thought, argues a Michigan State University professor who recently published a first-of-its-kind book on non-Muslim salvation.  (Mohammad Khalil, assistant professor of religious studies.)

7 thoughts on “UK: Afghan females need only Islamic education, says Carnitha clone”

  1. I suppose you have to hide your face when you come out with crap like that—

  2. After watching a few videos of women in niqabs, I’m convinced most are mentally unstable and suffering from some kind of psychological disorder. They are either attracted to Islam because they have a psychological disorder or their mental condition is a result of Islam.

  3. @Honey & Rossco, I concur with the suggestion of psychological disorder.

    I have always suspected Islam was made up of three groups.

    1.) The first and biggest being uneducated peasants. The sheep and expandable fodder.

    2.) The sociopaths and psychopaths. The Sociopaths are the ones who use manipulative catchphrases, i.e., Victim hood, Islamaphobia and Racism to push Islam/Sharia. Whilst cheering their cohorts the psychopaths to use violence for their shared agenda of world domination. Both usually end up in a roles of leadership or enforcer.

    3.) The third group shares the same pathologies of low self esteem and insecurity; which manifests it self in the binary existence of domination and subservience. The dominate pathology ‘needs’ to control others to feel powerful and hates those (unknowingly) who make them feel inferior (the West) and powerless. The subservient ‘needs’ for someone or something, in this context religion to control their lives to obtain a modest level of self-esteem.

    All three groups share the inability to take responsibility for their own actions and use their religion to hide behind, blame or excuse bad/violent behaviors.

    Mental health professionals use the term ‘Shared Psychotic Disorder’ where mentally healthy people share the delusions of the Psychotic. Islam in a nutshell. The sane following the insane.

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