Afghanistan: 17 Die in Hotel Raid

Allahu akbar!

“Four  militants” killed as an anti-tank mine went off prematurely- virgins!

An army friend of mine has started a new business in Afghanistan.

He is making land mines that look like prayer mats.

He said prophets are going through the roof!

“Taliban Gunmen & Insurgents” Kill 17 People in Afghan Hotel Raid

Can’t somebody tell the journaillie to cut the crap? I mean this is FOX NEWS, imagine how bad the rest of the enemedia spins it!

KABUL, Afghanistan (The Blaze/AP) — Heavily armed Taliban insurgents killed 17 people — most of them civilians — in an attack Friday on a lakeside hotel just north of Kabul, Afghan officials said.

Insurgents battled Afghan security forces for about 12 hours while they held hotel guests hostage inside the hotel. Kabul police said the fifth and final attacker was killed at midday Friday, ending the standoff.

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