The Outraged Mothers of Catalonia

Catalonia: Muslim Pupils Force Other Pupils to Stop Eating Ham Sandwiches

In one class, 83.33% of the pupils speak Arabic. I’d say the train has left the station.

Outraged mothers: Muslim pupils prevent our children eating  ham sandwiches –  they are plucked from their hands and thrown in the bin by the Muslims!

by Cheradenine Zakalwe

Four Spanish mothers have written a letter denouncing the goings-on at a school in Tarrasa, Catalonia, where, they say, indigenous pupils are routinely harassed by their Muslim classmates and the school authorities always seem to take the side of the aliens.

According to the letter, the nursery school does not meet the legally-mandated minimum of having at least 20% of the class speaking the native language as their mother tongue! Arabic has become the dominant language in the corridors and playgrounds. The school is now sending out official notices in Arabic and Catalan only, not Spanish. In one class, 83.33% of the pupils speak Arabic. There is even a letter in Arabic posted on one of the school doors, in violation of the law.

The outraged mothers also claim that Muslim pupils prevent their own children eating sandwiches if the sandwiches contain ham or other meat derived from pigs. The offending sandwiches will simply be plucked from their hands and thrown in the bin by the Muslims.

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  1. The Spanish folk should grow some balls and terminate the illegal muslim parasites. Because if I ever see a muslim trying to impose its will on another it will be sent to hell. F Y mohammed!

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