Al Reuters: "Israel Breaks Truce"

No wonder everyone hates them Jooozzz. Breaking the truce, just like that. Totally unprovoked.

From the Elder:

Pali “militants”- I guess we’ll never know what motivates them:

In other news:

Hamas buries 2 year old girl it killed as a “martyr”

Two days ago, a 2-year old girl was killed in Gaza from a Hamas rocket that misfired. Ma’an gave the details and a Hamas official privately admitted that this is what happened to a BBC reporter.

Publicly, however, Hamas insists that the girl was killed by an Israeli airstrike. So Hamas staged a funeral for a girl they killed as a “martyr,” wrapping her body in a Hamas flag.

Remember this when you see this picture. And you will see it again and again to ‘prove’ how evil Israel is.

Sick, depraved people.

Nice shooting (and intelligence) (update)

The IDF struck a smuggling tunnel, killing two Hamas members and reportedly injuring 21 others.

Which means that it was a tunnel for smuggling weapons.

Of course, being the liars they are, the Gazans are accusing Israel of somehow injecting poison gas in the tunnels as they were bombing them.

UPDATE: Ma’an reports that Hamas is claiming not that Israel bombed the tunnel today, but that Hamas members went to inspect a damaged tunnel and died from inhaling poisonous gas.