Going Crazy on a Saturday Night

Hah!… GOP Sends Phony Indian Elizabeth Warren a Free Ancestry.com Account For Her Birthday  (GWP)

The Republican Party of Massachusetts sent phony Indian Democrat Elizabeth Warren a complimentary account at ancestry.com today for her birthday.   ABC reported

Nancy Pelousi:

Islamic Terrorists in the White House:

The ineptocrats at work: Jennifer Rubin

The State Department said Friday it is looking into how a self-professed member of a banned Egyptian terrorist organization was issued a U.S. visa and traveled to Washington this week for meetings with senior Obama administration officials.

Hani Nour Eldin was granted a visa and held meetings with officials at the White House and State Department.

Eldin has also identified himself as a member of Gamaa Islamiya, or the Egyptian Islamic Group, which the State Department has designated a “foreign terrorist organization.”

(The group is reported to be responsible for the killing of hundreds of Egyptian policemen and soldiers, civilians, and the  Luxor massacre where they murdered  70  tourists in a fanatical frenzy in the 1990s 

And who is the top dog of this ‘movement?’

Why, of course the “blind sheik” cleric Omar Abdel-Rahman is the spiritual leader of the movement. He was accused convicted of participating in the World Trade Center 1993 bombings conspiracy, and sentenced to life imprisonment for his espousal of a subsequent conspiracy to bomb New York City landmarks, including the United Nations and FBI offices.

And what is the ideology that motivates this group? Islam of course:

Fight them on until there is no more Tumult (resistance to Islamic rule), and there prevail justice (sharia)  and faith in Allah; but if they cease, Let there be no hostility except to those who practice oppression (oppressors  are those who still refuse to submit to Islamic law)

Members of such groups are ineligible for U.S. visas and barred from entering the United States. (Normally yes. But no longer. This is the age of the Obaminator!)

The Olympics of Global Bureaucracy

So 50,000 people got a trip to Rio. They may want world peace, free energy, and control over your light bulbs, your car, and your wallet, but most of them still got an expenses paid ticket to the Olympics of Global Bureaucracy. In the end they may say they are disappointed, but in reality they still scored one heck of a free lunch. And this is the point. As long as the masses are not saying that they want their money back, the show is a success. The junket is the point. The headlines crying “failure” are still advertising the meme. The world is still talking about hopes of environmental campaigners, not about the waste of money; Not about the 200,000 people starved by biofuel policies (and that was just the tally for 2010).